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Ferguson Plumbing Supply

All About Ferguson Plumbing Supplies

Ferguson plumbing supply is the largest plumbing wholesaler in North America, serving coast-to-coast and beyond to some of the islands. They are also a major distributor of heating and cooling (HVAC) products and waterworks products. Their plumbing supplies are found in all corners of the market, including industrial and residential. If you have indoor plumbing, […]

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electric nail gun

Using An Electric Framing Nail Gun

An electric nail gun is used by construction workers, home owners, and anyone looking for a convenient way to get a job done. There are many considerations with an electric nail gun you might want to think about before purchasing or using one. A similar piece of equipment is a Arrow T 72 staple gun. […]

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12 Diamond Concrete Saw Blades

Use A 12 Inch Diamond Concrete Saw Blade To Make A Patio

Saw blades seem like a foreign language to those that are unfamiliar with them. As complicated as they seem, they aren’t! You need to become familiar with what each saw blade cuts through most effectively and the various sizing (such as the 7 inch saw blade (wet) diamond). How To Pick The Right Saw Blade A circular […]

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Concrete And Garage Floor Paint

Make Old Or Stained Cement Look Like New With Concrete And Garage Floor Paint

Give your old, tired cement floors a new lease on life with concrete and garage floor paint. You can camouflage stains and other flaws while constructing a surface that is strong and resistant to new stains. You can hire a cement construction company to do the job for you or you can purchase custom kits […]

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printable tape measure

Looking For A Printable Tape Measure

If you are looking to do some work in your house, or on the outside you will need to make sure that you know a little more about a printable tape measure. When you are going to do some redecorating at home, or if you are going to work on a construction site, there is […]

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Diamond Wire Saw Blades

Long Lasting Diamond Wire Saw Blades

There are so many choices now for different kind of blades for saws; however there are still some that are superior to others. For instance, diamond wire saw blades are an amazing choice for any type of saw. The quality of these blades is immaculate. As many as up to 90% of diamond blades manufactured […]

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Load Testing Of Concrete Waffle Slabs

Load Testing Of Concrete Waffle Slabs One Of Many Services To Look For In A Cement Company

If you are seeking a cement construction company in Northern Michigan or anywhere else for that matter, you should make sure they offer load testing of concrete waffle slabs as one of their many services. A well-rounded portfolio of cement and concrete work is important when you are hiring a company for your project needs. […]

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PEX Plumbing

Installing Pex Plumbing Yourself

If you prefer to do your own plumbing work and need to replace some pipes, installing pex plumbing yourself may be a simpler method than other types of plumbing such as copper or rigid plastics like PVC plumbing fittings. Why is PEX different? What makes it a good alternative to other residential plumbing products? How […]

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Chinese wheelbarrow

Finding And Using A Chinese Wheelbarrow

Wheelbarrows have been used for centuries as device to cart things around in, like the Chinese wheelbarrow. One of the earliest forms of the wheelbarrow dates back to the Han Dynasty and is recorded to be used as early as the second century. These days wheelbarrows are used for more than just pushing and pulling. […]

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do it yourself plumbing diagrams

Do It Yourself Plumbing Diagrams

If you want to save a little money on repairs and learn to fix some basic plumbing problems around your home, do it yourself plumbing diagrams can help. If fixing plumbing is new to you or you have been fixing small things here and there and would like to advance to bigger projects, a diagram […]

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