ALM Car Lift Options And How To Choose Them

ALM Car LiftYou are going to need to have a lift in your garage, particularly whenever you were working on vehicles regularly and an ALM car lift may be just what you need. There are a number of different types of these lifts that are manufactured, however, and not all of them are going to be suitable for every job that is out there. As a matter of fact, you may find that one of the smaller ALM 9000lb 2 pole car lift options may not be rated enough for the type of vehicles that you are working on. Here is a quick look at the ALM car lift and how it can benefit you in your own automotive business.

Information On The ALM Car Lift

The Different Alm Car Lift Types

ALM is one of the top manufacturers of automotive lifts and car lift kits they come in a variety of different styles, as well as being rated for various types of vehicular work. At the low end of the scale, you have a 2 pole lift that is rated for around 7000 pounds. This is going to be ideal for most automotive work, and you will not typically have a difficult time with going over this weight limit, provided you don’t get into any other class of vehicle.

The ALM 9000lb 2 Pole Car Lift

If you’re going to be working on larger items, such as full-size pickup trucks or similar, you must step up to one of the ALM 9000lb 2 pole car lift options that they have available. There are a few of these that they make, and there are some notable differences between them.

  • The most notable of these is going to be the drive-through width, along with the column width.
  • Always make sure that you overestimate in this case, so that you never come up short whenever it comes to driving a vehicle in between the posts.
  • The heavy-duty hydraulic 2 pole car lifts that are available range anywhere from 9000 pounds up to a capacity of 16,000 pounds. This is enough to handle larger vehicles, but as is the case with a lighter duty lift, you should always make sure that you’re not exceeding the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • This is true, regardless of whether you are using a lift in order to work on a school bus or if you are simply using a smaller scissor car lift, which, by the way, ALM does not manufacturer.

Regardless of what it is that you are doing in the garage, an ALM car lift can help to make it much easier. By getting your work up to your level and allowing you to get underneath the vehicle without having to worry about safety, these can really be of benefit to you and the garage. Regardless of whether you’re going with an ALM 9000lb 2 pole car lift or if you are using the top of the line, 4 pole car lift that is rated for over 27,000 pounds, always make sure that you pay attention to the instructions that are provided by the manufacturer and work safely.

Choosing A 2 Post Car LiftALM Car Lift

There are quite a few different reasons why you may want to choose a 2 post car lift. At times, it has more to do with what exactly you’re going to be doing with the vehicle than with the type of lift that you’re going to be utilizing. After all, many of us may be able to get by with using any number of posts in our garage, but having one with two is going to benefit you in a specific way. Looking at some two post car lift reviews can also help you to make a wise buying choice. Here is why you would choose a 2 post car lift and where to find one for less.

Why Choose A 2 Post Car Lift

  • One of the main reasons why you would gowith one of these is because you want one in order to work on the automobile. A 2 post lift can certainly work for automobile storage, but it is not going to be the best option because you are not going to have the platform underneath it. It can hold the car up in the air, but there will be no protection from any leaks that may be dripping on the automobile underneath. Since a 2 post car lift only touches the automobile in a few spots on the frame, it is better suited for working on cars than for storing them.
  • Another option that you may want to choose is whether you are going to go with a permanent installation or if you’re going to get a lift that is portable. If you are a do-it-yourselfer, a portable model may be the best thing, as you can simply push it off to the side whenever you’re not using it. If you have a dedicated day for working on automobiles, however, you can get one of these permanently affixed to the floor. You can either do it yourself by following the installation instructions that came with the car lift plans or better yet, hire a professional to do it for you.

The unfortunate thing about purchasing one of these items is that many times, it is going to be one of the more expensive things that you have in your garage. You can pick up a cheap lift, perhaps by getting it second hand but make sure that you never sacrifice the quality of the used car lift that you are purchasing. After all, your safety is involved and you would not want to take a risk with that in order to save a few dollars.

Shopping For These Lifts

If you’re looking for a 2 post car lift, you can either check in your local area or perhaps save some money by shopping on the Internet. Many of the websites that actively run two post car lift reviews will often be able to guide you in the direction where you can find these items for sale. Make sure that you do a little bit of comparison shopping, however, as you can often get the lift that you are looking for, for less by switching websites.



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