Choosing From Among The Ammco Car Lifts That Are Available

ammco car liftsRegardless of what you need to do with an automobile, there is no doubt going to be a variety of different Ammco car lifts that are available. Choosing the right one, however, can be a little bit difficult whenever you have this many choices to make. Perhaps one of the most common questions that I hear is what kind of two post car lifts are there? The fact of the matter is, there are a variety of these that are available but they may not be the best choice for you. Here are some of the Ammco car lifts that you might be interested in.

Types Of Ammco Car Lifts

The first type of car lift that you will find through this company is a 2 post car lift. This is ideal for working on automobiles, as it does not obstruct the undercarriage of the vehicle at all. Rather, it connects with the vehicle at four points on the frame, which gives you easy access to almost anything that you would need. You can get these types of lifts that are floor mounted, or you may also be able to find some that are portable for storage and convenience.

The Different Types Or Options

  • Another type of the Ammco car lifts is going to be a 4 post car lift. – This is excellent for boosting an automobile, especially for storage purposes. You can often find these during a car lifts sale and save yourself some money in the process. This tends to be the universal option for everybody, and since you have a platform underneath the automobile, you do not have to worry about any fluids dripping onto the cars or floor underneath.
  • In-ground car lifts –This is also a choice, but these are typically going to be installed in an area where you are going to be doing commercial work. These can also contain multiple posts, but the hydraulic systems are going to be much stronger and you can buy these with a larger capacity than what you would with a model that you would use at home.

These types of floor lifts can be used for almost any purpose that you can possibly imagine with an automobile. For example, I used one portable model the other day to put on some new Eagle tires on my car, and while I had it up on the lift, I changed the oil. It’s excellent to be able to reach these things without having to worry about the car coming crashing down on you off of the jacks.

Of course, regardless of whether you’re using one of the Ammco car lifts or if you are using any other type, it is important for you to follow the safety guidelines and instructions at all times. If you’re wondering, what kind of two post car lifts are out there, this should be something that you always keep in mind. After all, many serious injuries happen as a result of using one of these items and it often occurs as a result of those instructions not being followed.

Installing And Using A 4 Post Car Liftammco car lifts

A 4 post car lift is a perfect choice for almost any garage, and there are options that are available which may make these items even more convenient. Whenever you choose a car lift 4 post or otherwise, however, there are certain restrictions that you must keep in mind in order to ensure your safety and make sure that you are not overtaxing the unit. Here are some of the main things to keep in mind when installing the item, and to make sure that you’re getting the 4 post car lift that you really want.

Tips On The 4 Post Car Lift

One of the first things to consider whenever purchasing one of these items is the type of automobiles that are going to be up on the lift.

A smaller 4 post car lift is perfect for a home garage, and they are generally rated for about 7000 pounds. If you plan on working on larger vehicles, pickup trucks or RVs, you’re going to want to increase the amount of weight that it can handle and a 2 post car lift will not do. Make sure that you always overestimate in this regard, especially if you do not know exactly what it is that you will be working on.

Another thing to consider is the amount of distance that you have between the posts.

A standard four post car lift will be adequate to drive a mid size to larger vehicle through, or perhaps a pickup truck. If you plan on using the lift to work on larger items, however, you must make sure that they are going to be able to fit between the posts. This is something that many people do not take into consideration when buying one of these items.

Installing It Yourself Or Getting In A Professional

Installing one of these lifts is best done by a professional, but there are also times whenever you can take care of this process on your own. Most of these lifts are going to come with instructions from the manufacturer, but it might surprise you that by doing the process yourself, you may actually void the warranty. This is not going to be an issue, however, whenever you purchase a movable lift, as there will be no installation that is required.

  • Depending on what you need, you can spend several thousand dollars on one of these lifts; so many people look for a used 4 post car lift in order to save money.
  • If you decide to go this route, always make sure that you trust the manufacturer and that the used car lift was not abused during the time it was used by its former owner.

These are just a few of the considerations whenever purchasing and installing a 4 post car lift. Other things may need to be kept in mind as well, such as the overhead space that you have in your garage and perhaps even if you are able to fit a car lift 4 post varieties into your available space. Use the axiom, measure twice and cut once and always make sure of exactly what you’re getting before you make your final purchase decision.


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