ANSI Certified American Made Car Lifts

ANSI Certified American Made Car LiftsThere are many of us that are extremely choosy about the things that we purchase, and when it comes to automotive tools, we may be looking for ANSI certified American made car lifts. Regardless of whether we want to find these things new or used, finding these ANSI certified American made car lifts for sale is really going to help us to know that we have something good in our garage and that we will not have to be concerned over the safety of this item. Not only that, ANSI certified American made car lifts help to secure American jobs, which is something that many of us may be interested in.

Choose ANSI Certified American Made Car Lifts

Although it certainly is possible for you to choose any 4 post car lift that is out there, the fact that it is certified by the American national standards Institute helps you to realize that it is going to be a quality piece of equipment. All of the tools and other items that go through this rigorous testing process can be trusted, simply because they are manufactured to certain specifications. ANSI certified American made car lifts are something that you could be comfortable getting underneath, regardless of whether you had a regular vehicle on it or even a truck.

Securing American Jobs With ANSI Certified American Made Car Lifts

Purchasing American made car lifts helps to secure American jobs, and this is something that many of us are interested in as well. Manufactured items for overseas are not always necessarily going to go through the same testing process as those that get manufactured in the states. Mechanical equipment such as this is something that we will be displaying openly within our garage, and we might be interested in making sure of its manufacturer origin because of our clientele.

Finding these ANSI certified American made car lifts for sale is not going to be difficult, but there are some choices that you are going to need to make. For example, what type of lift are you going to need?

  • For regular storage of automobiles, you can typically go with a four post car lift or perhaps a single post car lift, but a two post lift is only going to be useful for working on the automobile.
  • You also need to make sure that whether you choose American made car lifts or those from some other country, they need to be certified for a certain amount of weight.
  • This can help to ensure your safety and the security of your vehicles.

The Internet is an easy way for you to find ANSI certified American made car lifts for sale. As a matter of fact, there are plenty of websites out there that have these items and are in competition with each other. At times, you can find these ANSI certified American made car lifts at a discount price and you can even purchase them used, and save quite a bit of money. Just make sure that you trust the equipment as you install it and that you don’t overpay for shipping whenever you purchase a used item.

When Should You Choose A Single Post Car Lift?

Regardless of whether you own a garage and are going to be working on cars, or if you’re simply storing cars in order to save space, a single post car lift may be a choice that you want to make. These are rather convenient items that are able to handle many jobs that you put out it. It saves space, and it is the perfect option for people with a small garage that have multiple cars that they want to store. There are also some other options that are available, and you can find these both in new and used single post car lift packages. Here are some things to consider whenever buying a single post car lift.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Single Post Car LiftANSI Certified American Made Car Lifts

One of the first things that you need to consider is the capacity that you are going to need.

  • Most people that purchase one of these car lifts are simply going to park a single car underneath another car that is going to be on top.
  • The single post car lift is perfect for this, because it only has one arm on one side, which saves a considerable amount of room and it has a platform which will help to protect the car that is underneath the lift from any fluids which may leak.
  • If you have a larger garage, it is also possible to get one of these lifts that has a platform on each side, in effect doubling your space over what a single platform model would typically contain.

The amount of weight that you’re going to be lifting is also something to take into consideration. The majority of these car lifts are going to be able to handle at least 6000 pounds, but you should always make sure that you overestimate the amount of storage weight that you need by at least 30%. This is true, regardless of whether you were going with a single, or if you are doing a 2 post car lift or even a 4 post car lift.

The Safety Instructions Are Pretty Important

  • Before using the lift, always make sure that you familiarize yourself with the operation and any safety instructions that may be included with it.
  • If you purchase a used single post car lift and those instructions are not included, you may be able to download them off of the Internet.
  • Since there are many injuries that are caused by the misuse of these types of mechanical devices, familiarizing yourself with the safety instructions is obviously going to be a priority.

If you are in the market for a single post car lift, you may be able to save money by purchasing one that is used. You can find these in your local area at times, but you may try searching on the Internet for a used single post car lift as well. Just make sure that they are going to be able to take care of the delivery of this item, and that it will not put you over top of your budget, as shipping one of these heavy items can be quite expensive.


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