John Deere Antique Tractors: A Collection of History

Antique John Deere TractorsThe first plow invented was by a man named John Deere in 1837, by using the steel from an old sawmill blade. John Deere was born in 1804, in Rutland, Vermont. By the mid 1800’s, over 100 plows had been created. In 1852, the John Deere and Company was located in Moline, Illinois, and was producing over 4000 plows a year. In 1886, John Deere passed away and left his company to his son to carry on the name.

A Look Back At Antique John Deere Tractors

After acquiring the Waterloo Gasoline Engine Company in 1918, the John Deere and Company hit the tractor business with an uproar. The first gasoline powered tractors only had a 2 cylinder motor that powered them. Acquiring and restoring many antique John Deere tractors has a passionate following today.

  • Most antique John Deere tractors are not in use, but are either personally owned or on display at museums and tractor shows. Some collectors prefer to buy old, used, and worn out antique farm tractors to restore for personal keepsakes, or to resell for a profit. Either way, they are trying to keep the antiques alive.
  • There were a few early models that John Deere decided to make. In 1923, despite a terrible farm economy depression, The John Deere management system decided to build the John Deere Model D prototype. The John Deere Model D was released to the public on March 1, 1923 and continued to be produced until July 3, 1953.

More About The John Deere Model D Prototype

This model had the longest production span of any 2 cylinder John Deere tractor. The first model D tractors had steel wheels and a 2 cylinder hand cranked motor to power it. In the time period that spanned from 1923-1953, the model D underwent several changes and was given different names. In 1925, John Deere and Co. decided that the model D did not meet customer needs. The steel wheels that originally came with this tractor were unsuitable for hard surfaces and did not go fast enough to be road safe. Solid rubber tires were added and the motor was replaced with a 501 cubic inch motor that had a 28 toothed sprocket attach to the final drive. With these new modifications, the Model D became known as the model DI.

Where To Find Antique John Deere Tractors

Some antique John Deere tractors and antique john deers tractor parts may be harder to find than others (depending on how many were produced).

  • If you are looking for one of these tractors for your personal collection, you can find a lot of antique John Deere tractors for sale on the internet.
  • You can find parts, models, and reviews on all different antique tractors.
  • The only down fall with antique tractor collecting is that it is a very expensive hobby. Prices will vary depending on the quality and quantity of that specific tractor.

Antique John Deere tractors can be very hard to come by, especially if they are rare, or a small number were produced (like the earliest models). If you come purchase one these tractors remember the more accurate a restoration you do, the more the tractor will be valued. It is helpful to do your research when doing a restoration to ensure you stay true to the parts used in the original tractor.

The Antique John Deere MT Tractor Parts GuideAntique John Deere Tractors

Owning an antique piece of farming equipment is like having your very own piece of history. However, the older the model of machinery, the harder it will be to find replacement items. There are many ways to locate and assess antique John Deere tractor parts to guarantee that you choose the proper replacement for your specific make and model of machinery.

Finding Antique John Deere Tractor Parts

The first step to finding the right antique John Deere mt tractor parts is to be certain of what it is you need exactly. Getting the right part on the first try will save you time and money, so investing some interest and time from your busy schedule will be beneficial to you in the long run. To do so, you will want to do some research on the equipment along with the part of the antique john deere tractors that you will need to replace.

Make a list of the following items in a notepad for reference. When shopping, it may prove to be extremely helpful to have such information on hand. This will also reduce the likeliness of an error when recalling the information.

  • When was your machinery manufactured? You will want to list the make, model, and manufacturer, along with the year it came out.
  • The specific part that you need to replace. There are many different terms and nicknames for parts, however, you will need to find out the specific name of the part that you desire. A helpful hint: if you have the manual for the machinery in your possession- you can refer to it for the various parts and their names. There should be a description and example of each part.
  • If the part has a serial number inscribed on it, you should make a note of this as well. This will help to better narrow your search.

There are many “off brand” parts that may be viable for you to replace your part with. This is a personal preference, if you would prefer the original part; these parts will not work for you. You need to also consider whether or not you will need any other parts that coordinate with the broken part (screws, worn parts around the general area etc). By checking this now, you will save yourself time later. Nothing is more frustrating than to start working on a machine and not have everything that you’ll need.

Now that you have gotten the proper information that you will need to order used or salvaged parts, you will now need to locate potential replacements. Here are a few places to begin:

  • Online – Searching on online stores can provide a lower prices as well as a larger selection. You can locate john deere lawn tractor parts as from many years past. A major benefit of shopping online is that it is worldwide, not just limited to your local area.
  • Auctions – This may not be your best shot. You are looking for a very specific part. However, auctions sometimes provide a list of items to be sold. You can review this before the auction begins to decide whether or not you should attend.
  • Dealers – Antique John Deere tractor parts are made available through select dealers.
  • Classifieds – The newspaper is often forgotten about, but it can provide you with a selection of various items in the classifieds section.

Antique John Deere tractor parts are a bit harder to locate than a newer models replacement parts. But, with a little dedication and time, you can find the right parts for your machine.

Antique John Deere TractorsKeeping The Past Alive With Antique Farm Tractors

Antique farm tractors are very special machines. These antiques show us the progress we have made over the years with our equipment and technology. Some rare antique farm tractors are extremely difficult to find. Over the years they may have just been scrapped from overuse or left behind and abandoned. But the ones that remain are a terrific keepsake. Some people have taken to finding these machines and restoring them to their original shape. There are several differences between the tractors we have now and antique farm tractors. The antique tractors didn’t really run as well as the ones we have today, but over the years they have progressed and become complicated machines complete with all the amenities including high end stereos and electronics.

Information On Antique Farm Tractors

Antique farm tractors had smaller motors than the antique john deere tractors we have today, making them slower and not as strong. Most of the first tractors only came with a 2-4 HP (horse power) motor. Some of the first tractors actually came with solid steel wheels; instead of rubber wheels. The solid steel wheels made them unsteady and a really rough ride. Some of these tractors even had hand crank motors on them; unlike today’s tractors that have an electric key starter.

Even if the modern day tractors are a lot more advanced than the antique garden tractors, the older models are nice to have and to keep alive. There are a lot of people out there that love to collect these tractors. So if you can find one, restore it and keep it going. If you are interested in getting into collecting these amazing machines there a few things you might want to think about.

Buying Antique Farm Tractors

  • Antique farm tractors for sale can be expensive, depending on the condition and rarity of the machine. If you are trying to restore a tractor; some of the parts can be expensive and hard to find as well. Rarely are the parts for them still manufactured.
  • There are a lot of pictures online (Ebay for instance) that you can find to check for tractors, parts and the value of these machines. Price range for tractors can run from $1000-$30,000.
  • Higher end tractors (John Deere is an example) can make collecting antique tractors an expensive hobby to have.
  • A lot of antique tractors are used in parades and shows, and there are a lot in museums. Some of these tractors may even still be in use by farmers.
  • If you are having trouble finding an antique tractor, you can try online stores and antique dealers.
  • Auctions will sometimes have them as well. Check local newspapers for auctions with listings of antique farm tractors for sale.

Similar to old cars, antique farm tractors have a group of dedicated followers who strive to assist each other with restoring tractors accurately. There are many forums and websites where these people get together to exchange information and suggestions for restoring tractors. This is also a good place to locate parts for a tractor you may have under restoration. While most people purchase an old tractor as a project they want to complete themselves, there are experts who are willing to do it for you.

Antique Lawn And Garden Tractors Still Performing In Your YardAntique John Deere Tractors

Garden tractors are not designed with heavy duty farm work in mind. Garden tractors are mainly used for hauling stuff around your yard and cutting grass. They are a smaller built tractor than your common everyday farm tractor. Garden tractors have been around for many years. Today, there are several different name brands of garden tractors such as you have Massey Ferguson, Sears, John Deere, and several other well known name brands. Buying a new garden tractor is ideal if you intend to use it for lawn and garden use; however, for those interested, you can collect and restore antique garden tractors. For those on a limited budget, you can also buy older tractors and fix them for you to actually use. This can be a great savings to you.

Finding Antique Lawn and Garden Tractors for Antique Restoration

  • Antique garden tractors and antique farm tractors have a large price range depending on how old and rare the tractor is. If you find a tractor that is very old and there were only a few produced, you could spend well over just a few thousand dollars. These are typically bought for collecting and not use.
  • Condition of the tractor will play a major factor in the price as well. The better shape the tractor is in; the more you can expect to spend. If you find a tractor that is not that old and was massed produced you may only be able to purchase one while only spending a small amount.
  • When looking for antique lawn and garden tractors, tractor dealers would be a great place to start. You may also check regular antique dealers to see what they have. There are also a ton of internet websites that specialize in antique tractors which are organized and easy to navigate. Don’t forget to check newspaper ads for anyone selling antiques tractors.

Different Types of Antique Tractors

Antique tractors are not all just lawn mowers, some don’t even come equipped with a blade to cut grass; they are designed just for riding or pulling a wagon. Not all antique tractors look like traditional riding tractors; they don’t have a seat, and are designed for the operator to walk behind them (hence the term a “walk behind” tractor).

A Roto-Tiller

Another type of special small tractor that has been in use for a long period of time is a roto-tiller. A Roto-tiller is designed for digging and breaking up dirt in your garden beds. They create loose and soft dirt beds so that you can plant your flowers or crops with ease. Using one of these machines will save you a lot of time and labor, rather than using your regular garden hoe. Antique garden tractors that are roto-tillers are not just to look at either. The simple working mechanisms of these machines allow them to rebuilt and actually used. Many times one that is not running can be purchased cheaply and refurbished for you to use again.

This also applies to cub cadet garden tractors. Cub tractors are very expensive to buy new. Many people are purchasing older ones (that actually fall into the antique garden tractors category) and restoring them. They continue to use them every day for all their lawn and garden needs.



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