About The Arrow T-72 Electric Staple Gun

Arrow T-72 Staple GunUsing an electric staple gun makes life easy in many ways. You can use a staple gun for your household needs indoor and outdoor. Many people like to use an electric staple gun on upholstery to fix the cloth on furniture, to secure wires on the home outdoors, and even to hang posters on the wall instead of using thumb tacks. A staple gun allows you to easily secure a staple into place with only one hand and it is fast. A staple can be secured in less than a second with the squeeze of your hand. The Arrow T-72 staple gun has many features which might be ideal for you.

Features Of The Arrow T-72 Staple Gun

The Arrow T-72 staple gun is designed for all of your needs. Many people prefer this staple gun over others because of its safety toward wires. If you have cabling and wires outside of your home that are dangling and in the way, you can staple them in place against the exterior wall of your home. Many people use nails to secure cables by hammering them in halfway and then bending the nail over the wire. A staple gun works best because the staple can quickly secure the wire into the surface. The staples fit perfectly over a wire. They do not damage cabling and wire like a nail from a nail gun can. If you damage a wire on the outside of your home, you might have to call your cable or phone company to repair the line. There is no risk with wire damage when you use this type of gun.

The features of the Arrow T-72 staple gun include:

  • safe to use with wire
  • jam-proof
  • a guide
  • and much more

An excellent benefit of the Arrow T-72 staple gun is that it is jam proof. This means it has a built in mechanism so the staple gun will not jam on you. There is nothing like being on a ladder 6 feet in the air to have a staple gun jam up on you. Then you must climb down, open the gun, and figure out what is wrong with it. Some staples guns are a real pain when they jam. Some guns jam every other staple, which can be a real inconvenience, defeating the entire purpose of using a staple gun. The jam proof mechanism is very beneficial.Arrow T-72 Staple Gun

Look At The Product Reviews

Before you buy an electric upholstery staple gun, it is important to read a review or two to determine which one is right for you. Customers will write a review on a staple gun. You can find reviews on all makes and models which can help you decide which gun is of the best quality and will fit your needs. Be sure when you purchase a cordless staple gun like the Arrow T-72 staple gun, you buy a refill of staples so you don’t run out too soon. You can never have too many staples. This is because you will find yourself using it around your home more than you anticipated.

An Arrow T-72 staple gun is an excellent option if you have things around your home you need to secure safely without providing damage. Often times, nails are just too much and a staple gun is perfect for the job. Using a cordless staple gun allows you to repair upholstery, secure wiring safely, and much more.


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