Choose A Brillion Seeder For Wide Area Coverage

Brillion SeederThe Brillion seeder has been around for quite some time. The company was first organized in 1890, originally a small machine shop that manufactured farm tools. They relocated in 1900 with all new buildings. In 1933 the company stopped all operations and production. On January 1, 1934 the company reorganized and partnered with R.D. Peters as the general manager of the foundry. In 1934 the company only had 20 people on its payroll; today the company has grown with over 1,000 people on its payroll. Brillion Iron Works produces around 145,000 tons of gray and ductile iron castings each year. The company is now ranked in the top 10 for independent foundries in the United States. BIW, Inc. has two divisions to the company (a foundry and a farm equipment production line). Their farm equipment consist of tillage equipment, Brillion seeders, and turf managing equipment. Brillion is well known for the seeders that they produce. There are many different kinds of seeders that you can use for whatever job you may have.

There Are Different Types Of The Brillion Seeder

Choosing The Right Brillion Seeder

Brillion Food Plot Seeders

  • The Brillion food plot seeder is mainly used for large and industrial size farming.
  • These machines are rather large in size and are pulled behind a tractor. They are not designed for small garden use.
  • Large crop farmers use these machines to plant large quantities of seed, so that they can supply a large outcome of crops.
  • The seeders generally measure from 4ft to 10ft in width, allowing a wide planting pattern to cover larger areas of ground.
  • Although these machines are for large crop farm use, most Brillion seeders are designed for smaller type seeds, such as tomatoes, beans, corn, greens, and several other crops.
  • You can buy a larger seed attachment from the manufacturer, if you intend to plant larger seed crops (like wheat and soy).

Brillion Grass Seeder

  • Grass seeders are also designed for larger area seeding, although you can get smaller seeders that can be pulled behind your lawn mower. They are still larger than most other grass seeders that can be attached like a backpack and carried.
  • Although these seeders are not meant for small yard use, they can save you a lot of time, since they are designed for wide spread seeding, instead of small area seeding.
  • Brillion grass seeders range from around 3ft to 6ft in width.
  • The larger grass seeders are used mainly by professional landscapers that seed grass for golf courses and sports playing fields. Some people that have large lawns like to use the small Brillion seeders to seed their lawns.
  • They can be attached to a lawn mower to save you from physical stress. They also cover a wider area than smaller manual seeders, saving you time.
  • Several parts on these machines may be difficult for the average person to work on. It may be good idea to have a professional do the maintenance for you.

Although most of Brillion seeders are designed with large area seeding in mind, you can get a smaller earthway seeder for home use. The smaller seeders are very affordable and of high quality manufacturing to last for years.

Seeding Grass With A Slit SeederBrillion Seeder

There are several different ways and options you can choose when you need to seed or reseed grass. One of the best options is using a slit seeder. Their high effectiveness and high level of seed-to-soil is ideal for proper germination. A slit seeder is not a 100 percent guarantee of successfully growing grass, but with the right fertilization, watering and proper lawn care, your chances are a lot better. There are a lot of modern day landscapers that prefer to use slit seeders for grass growing because of their high level of effectiveness.

Choosing A Slit Seeder

Several different types of seeders available (depending on your application need). Seeders are available for seeding into bare dirt. A model is also available for over seeding; which is used for seeding over turf that already exists. Over seeding is the most commonly used type of seeding by professional landscapers.

How does a slit seeder work?

  • A slit seeder works by using closely-spaced blades to create a shallow cut or slit into the already existing turf.
  •  Seeds are then placed into the cut. The seeds are held in a container called a hopper, until it is time for the seeds to be placed into the dirt.
  •  A set of packer wheels follow the seeder head to cover up the cut in the ground. This is to promote proper growth and germination of the seeds.
  • Some seeders spit out seeds directly into the cut in the ground and some spray seeds out. The sprayer type broadcasts large quantities of the seeds; and will hopefully they will fall into the slit.
  • The earthway seeder that deliver the seeds directly in the ground use less seeds and have a higher chance of successful seeding.
  • Most landscapers that do large areas like golf courses and football fields use the type of slit seeders that deliver the seed directly into the ground.

Planting grass with a slit seeder is one of the most effective ways of getting grass to grow thick and healthy. Although some models of seeder can be a little expensive, they are incredibly worth the money if you will be utilizing it frequently (such as a landscaper).

If you just need a seeder for a little while and don’t intend on reseeding anytime soon; getting a rental brillion seeder might be a better option for you. Check your local equipment rental retailer to see if they carry seeders. However, if you have a large area to seed, or are planning on reseeding frequently, then purchasing a slit seeder may save you a lot of money in the long run. Your local co-op or farming equipment store may be able to assist you with manufacturers that have seeders to fit your budget.

Whether you are a landscape professional or a homeowner who wants a lush green lawn all your neighbors envy; slit seeders are one of the most effective ways to get the job done economically and quickly. Depending on your need, you can rent or purchase one to get your task done.


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