Clamp on Power Meter Usage and Choices

Clamp on Power MeterThe potential range of uses for a clamp on power meter is pretty large, and you’ll see that they can come in handy in any number of situations. They can make the difference between a quick and painless problem detection and fix and a prolonged issue that brings everything to a halt and causes a great deal of disruption. Before you begin the process of shopping for a clamp on power meter, first learn how to use one safely and effectively.

How Does The Clamp On Power Meter Work?

So, how does a clamp on amp meter work? In short, they determine the magnetic field that’s around any conductor that’s carrying electrical current. The beauty is they can do this without needing to disconnect anything, break anything open or do anything else that is costly or time consuming.

Operating A Clamp On Power Meter

  • In order to operate one, you first probably want to turn off the power supply so you are as safe as possible.
  • Then isolate and clamp the electrical wiring you are trying to gauge, adjust your device’s settings to appropriate levels and options for what you desire, then turn the power back on to get a reading.
  • Turn the power back off before you remove the clamp so you don’t have to worry about handling any live wiring.

Of course, this is just a very basic overview of the way that you should be using one of these devices. Depending on what you’re trying to measure exactly and where you’re trying to do it, the exact steps you take can be different. For example you may need to test for leakage currents, measure individual loads, work in various commercial, production or residential settings and more. Always remember that safety is the most important step to take.

Choosing The Right One

Once you’re ready to purchase a clamp on power meter you’ll see that you have infinite choices for the type that you can eventually purchase. You have to think about the kind of situations you’ll be working in and working with and the kind of measurements that you’ll need to produce. For example you might only be working with single phase power or you may need to work with 3phase power, or both.

  • The majority of options today are now digital, which means that readouts have never been easier, quicker or more accurate.
  • They are truly a pleasure to work with and don’t come along with any hassles.
  • One of the leading manufacturers today is Extech.
  • However, Fluke, APPA and a handful of other brands are just as highly respected and it’s hard to go wrong with any of the top options.

As you can see, learning answering the question of how does a clamp on amp meter work isn’t that difficult, but it is important to get done so there is no confusion. You don’t want to be in a situation where you are either creating risk or simply not producing accurate and effective results. When you’re ready to buy a clamp on power meter, note all of the various models and manufacturers that you have to choose from and find one that is designed with the exact specifications and features that you’d like to have.

Looking At The 39MR Digital Clamp On Meter39MR digital clamp on meter

One of the leading clamp meters on the market today is the 39MR digital clamp on meter from APPA. Of course, in the world of clamp meters there is an infinite array of different manufacturers and models. Before you start narrowing down your options to find one that works for you and whatever your specific needs are, you first should also become familiar with the basics of how to use them. With that out of the way, you can safely operate the 39MR digital clamp on meter or any other model of your choice.

How To Use The 39MR Digital Clamp On Meter

How to use one of these clamp meters isn’t difficult, but it is important to know the basics so you stay safe and you get accurate readings.

  • First you should make sure that the power supply is off so you’re not handling anything live that could lead to injury.
  • Then you need to take only that wire and place it in the clamp, more than one wire will give you incorrect readings that are equal to the sum of the individual wires.
  • Set the appropriate settings on your model if there are any, and then turn the power supply back to get your reading.
  • Once you’re done, turn off the power once again and finally then remove your clamp.

Starting specifically with the 39MR digital clamp on meter from APPA, it’s a member of their APPA 30 series. This series is respected for being easy and safe to use, for being versatile, durable and tough and also for coming in a variety of sizes and specifications in order to help you always find a perfect match. The 39MR is an AC DC current clamp meter specifically, but other options in the series are designed with different usages in mind.

Different Options

Of course this is just one model from one brand, and there are plenty more options. For example you can find mini options that are designed to fit into tight spaces, and you can find a multimeter option that will help you get multiple readings for assorted different factors with just one device. Power fist clamp meters are available and much more, ensuring there’s always a specific match that you can utilize effectively and efficiently.

The T266 Series From All-Sun

One more specific model that happens to be very popular is the T266 series from All-Sun.

  • This is a versatile unit that comes with a variety of features and components, and is designed to be as easy to use and operate as possible.
  • Once again, just one more model to keep in mind, but there are literally dozens upon dozens from a variety of well respected brands that you can always turn to.

Clearly there are many different options to consider when it comes to clamp meters, and the 39MR digital clamp on meter is definitely a solid choice. Keep in mind that safety is most important when you use one of these, and you want to find a model that offers the specific measurement capacities and capabilities that you are looking for in order to get your job done. There is a wealth of options available so you should always be able to find a great match.


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