Make Old Or Stained Cement Look Like New With Concrete And Garage Floor Paint

Concrete And Garage Floor PaintGive your old, tired cement floors a new lease on life with concrete and garage floor paint. You can camouflage stains and other flaws while constructing a surface that is strong and resistant to new stains. You can hire a cement construction company to do the job for you or you can purchase custom kits and accomplish the task yourself. The products available to you are vast and you are sure to find a concrete and garage floor paint to suit your needs and decorating scheme.

Concrete And Garage Floor Paint

Concrete garage floors are often the most overlooked rehab project in the home. Why put up with stains, small cracks and other imperfections in the garage? A clean looking floor can transform the space, giving you all sorts of ideas for alternative uses! When it comes to coatings, garage floor paint for concrete tops the list, specifically the epoxy type.

With epoxy products, you can choose from a variety of colors for your concrete and garage floor paint and even add some color flakes to create a flecked floor design. The epoxy concrete floor paint even comes with sealers that put a high gloss, matte or semi-gloss finish to the painted surface. Benefits of coating your garage floor include resistance to most chemicals, tire marks, impact from dropping items and general wear and tear from everyday activities.

Things To Remember When Looking At Concrete And Garage Floor Paint


Concrete Maintenance

  • If you poured a new concrete patio, garage floor or sidewalk or have decided to pull out your carpets and expose your bare floors, you will need to maintain all that exposed concrete. One of the common quandaries is how to rid dog urine out of the garage concrete floor. While there are some decent home remedies such as treating the spot with vinegar and water, the best solution is to check out some enzyme-based cleaners many cement contractors carry.
  • If you plan to paint or stain your concrete, you will definitely need to remove the urine before applying any concrete floor sealers.
  • And speaking of sealers, concrete sealers have water emulsion and resin compounds which can make your surface not only resistant to water spills but also quite hardy and tough against abrasive elements and corrosion. If you plan to add decorative elements to your concrete through the use of staining, you definitely need a concrete stain sealer to protect your applied color design.
  • While there are some do-it-yourself kits which can last for a few years, your best bet would be a professionally applied commercial concrete floor sealer. Commercial products will protect your concrete floor long after you vacate or sell your home. In addition, they are more effective on imperfect concrete in which regular sealant products fail.
  • It is important to note that applying sealers to painted or stained concrete can be rather tricky. You have to ensure conditions are exactly right as temperature fluctuations, cleanliness, moisture and improper application tools can all affect the outcome. However, if you want a dramatic change at an affordable price, concrete and garage floor paint is the way to go. Just consider investing in a professional contractor so you know the job is done right the first time out.

For Long Term Protection, Look to the Best Garage Floor Concrete Sealers for Help

Protection is the top priority when you are dealing with concrete floors, which is why only the best garage floor concrete sealers will do. Whether you have a pristine, unadorned concrete floor or one that has stain, paint or even decorative stamping, you want your floor to last for years so you can enjoy it. Besides, a concrete floor, whether it is a garage, living room or even a patio, will boost your home’s resale value if it is in good condition and does not detract from you living space. If you apply the best garage floor concrete sealers after a newly poured floor has cured or after decorative elements are applied, you have a excellent chance of preserving your efforts.

The Best Garage Floor Concrete SealersConcrete And Garage Floor Paint

Add Living Room Pizzazz

Have you discarded carpet, laminate, hard wood and tile as potential flooring sources for your living room? If so, look to stamped concrete overlay to add some pizzazz. You can get the appearance of slate, limestone, cobblestone, brick and more with the right stamping templates.

What about stained concrete floors? Living rooms are a great canvas to showcase stained concrete techniques. You can even choose to stain your stamped concrete to more closely resemble the masonry building material you are trying to emulate. Once your color has set, you can then protect your hard work with the best garage floor concrete sealers.

Sprucing Up the Garage

The garage is often one of the most overlooked rooms in the home. However, with an attractive concrete garage floor, you can potentially add thousands of dollars to your home’s resale value. Instead of cracks, oil stains and scrapes, you could have a smooth, attractive surface with the application of concrete garage floor paint.

Epoxy is one of the most popular and easily applied products when it comes to concrete floor coatings. The material can help smooth minor imperfections such as concrete discolorations and minute cracks. Some epoxy paints have an option of adding colored particles, creating a flecked appearance. The flecks camouflage flaws as well. In regards to coatings, garage floor paint concrete options make sense. You can even apply this epoxy coating yourself, although a professional can likely get the job done in a fraction of the time.


  • Garage floor coatings are very forgiving of flaws. For this reason, concrete restoration can only benefit from the addition of stains and paint. If you have to patch cracks in your garage floor, the patch material is likely not going to match the rest of your floor. However, by staining or painting your floor, you can create an attractive canvas beneath your feet.
  • You may even decide to use your garage for activities other than car maintenance and storage. With a new garage floor covering, you could turn your space into an informal game room or home gym or even a kid’s hangout.
  • Whether you are trying to patch your concrete floor or enhance it with stain, paint or stamping, it is important to protect it. Remember, the best garage floor concrete sealers will safeguard the surface from water and other liquids as well as chemicals, corrosion, foot traffic, dropped items and general wear and tear.

The Best Epoxy Coatings For Garage Floors Is Not the Spray On Epoxy Coatings

Many will tell you that the best epoxy coatings for garage floors are the ones that you need to roll on. Covering the garage floor with an epoxy can give any dull garage floor a bit of life. Imagine a garage floor with a granite-look finish. If you have wondered what to do with the floor in your restaurant bathrooms, now is the best time to consider epoxy. Although epoxy leaves the floor vulnerable to slipping, there is a non-slip ingredient (a type of sand) that you sprinkle over the floors while the epoxy paint has set. Even kitchens will look great with epoxy paint if you find that tiling is a bit expensive. This is also the best option if you have a large kitchen area. When looking at the best epoxy coatings for garage floors, consider the four systems they are available in.

Concrete And Garage Floor PaintTips On The Best Epoxy Coatings For Garage Floors

If you are going to apply the coating yourself, make sure that you purchase System 2. You will also find that epoxy paints are used in industrial areas where heavy machinery and heavy metal are used.

  • The greatest thing about this coating is that is does not bubble. It also sticks firmly to concrete floors and stone (granite) countertops.
  • If you are considering spray on epoxy coatings, although this works great in many areas, the spray on coatings is perfect to use on metal, for example your washing machine in the basement that has rusted. Apply the spray to ensure corrosion protection. Also, you have to keep in mind that when using the epoxy spray the area is well-ventilated and that you are wearing protection.
  • When you find the best epoxy coatings for garage floors make sure that when you use it you are wearing protection and that the garage doors are open and the room is well-ventilated.
  • Between the first and the second coat of paint you will have to wait two days for the floor to dry. If the weather is good, the drying time will decrease. The important thing to remember when buying you epoxy kit is that you should also degrease the garage floor. All contaminants will have to be removed and you should allow the floor to dry. 60 minutes should be ideal.
  • Epoxy paint can also be used on wood. If you have a boat or wooden features in the bathroom, coat these areas with the epoxy to give it ultra protection against water and rain.
  • Once the floor is dry, you have to mix the two components together. Use a paint paddle and stir the epoxy for two minutes. Use a lint-free roller and start applying the paint to the floor. If you are aiming for a granite finish, allow the floor to set for about 20 minutes before applying the chips. Sprinkle the chips over the surface the same way you would cast grass seeds.
  • You next and final coat will be the Polyurea. This is fast-drying and helps protect the floor against hot tires. For the best epoxy coatings for garage floors it is always best to see what is available at your DIY store. If it is done properly, it will definitely stand out.

The Epoxy Concrete Sealer Is A High Temperature Epoxy

High temperature epoxy plays a very important role in protecting and strengthening any concrete work. If your garage floor or patio has for many years looked dull and lifeless, applying epoxy paint to the floor will bring the concrete to life. If you have tried considering tiles for these areas, there is no need to, because coating the floors with epoxy will leave the floor smooth with the strongest finish that will not chip or crack. High temperature epoxy concrete sealers have been successfully used on bridges, buildings, parking garages and historical monuments around the world to protect against deterioration.

Tips On Using High Temperature EpoxyConcrete And Garage Floor Paint

The epoxy concrete sealer contains polycarbonate materials that effectively seal any kind of surface. The main function of this sealer is to penetrate the concrete and infiltrate the pores of the surface and protect it against extraneous moisture and harmful chemicals. The other thing is that the seals that are produced by the epoxy can also avoid ultraviolet and abrasion-induced deterioration. It all depends on the concrete, but epoxy sealers are able to penetrate concrete up to an eighth of an inch.

  • You can put all your trust in epoxy, because these penetrating sealers eliminate dusting and also enhances the concrete’s durability. The reason why these sealers are used on buildings is to protect the walls from salts in the air, which sometimes affects the reinforcing under the concrete.
  • These sealers don’t alter the texture of the concrete, and this makes them ideal for those slippery areas in the bathroom or kitchen and any area of the house or building that is prone to freeze-thaw and corrosion.
  • High temperature epoxy means that once the surface is covered with these sealers, it is protected against any highly corrosive solvents such as acids, moisture and oils. The sealer can also withstand the hot tires of your car and heavy equipment.
  • If you find that you have to always replace the grout between tiles in the kitchen and bathroom, try epoxy grout. It is more expensive than your normal tile filler, but they are more effective for these areas where water is used all the time. The greatest thing about the tile filler is that it is stain resistant. The tile grout will not discoloring and crack.
  • You could also research the fluorinated resin if you want to seal a concrete surface. These resins are designed to protect concrete, and they are also used on columns, in warehouses and on beams.

The important thing to remember when using this high temperature epoxy is that when you are mixing the epoxy adhesive, you should not mix the two together until you are ready to use it. You should only mix for two minutes and not longer. The thing with many epoxies is that they are thermo-activated. This means that the epoxy needs heat to get the two compounds bonded, and there is one place we all know where heat comes from: the surface you are about to apply the epoxy. There will be no looking back after applying epoxy.

Rustoleum Epoxy Shield – Choosing The Best Rustoleum Epoxy Shield Bat Floor Coating


Rustoleum epoxy shield is only one of the options when it comes to finding a floor sealer for your garage floor. The greatest thing about a Rustoleum epoxy shield bat floor coating is that it is available in two attractive colors. The other thing about this epoxy coating is that it will protect your floor from damages done by heavy equipment, extreme temperatures and chemical stains. Once this sealer is applied your garage floor will always look good. Beside the Rustoleum epoxy shield covering, there are many other brands to choose from that will get the job done for you.

Concrete And Garage Floor PaintInformation On The Rustoleum Epoxy Shield

Let’s take a look at one of Rustoleum’s products, the Epoxyshield Coating.

  • You will be able to find this product in browns and tans, and when sealing your garage floor, this is the best option. You may find that with only two color choices may deter a few people, especially since there are a lot of people that are looking to add some color to the floors in the garage. If the brown color will be enough for you, or you simply don’t care, then this may be the best option for you.
  • Included in the kit is a DVD that includes step-by-step installation instructions. As with any other epoxy coating available on the market, the Rustoleum product is water and also stain resistant. This means that the hot tires on your car will not mar the durable and strong finish.
  • Another reason why people like to put Rustoleum epoxy shield in the garage is so that when your vehicle is leaking oil or petrol, it will not leave those horrible dark stains on the floor that seem to stay there forever.
  • The one aspect that they do not like however, is that removing this shield from the floor is virtually impossible. You will not be able to remove it, but rather just reapply it if you feel that it is necessary.
  • You may think that after a few decades the shield looks as though it could do with another coat, so instead of taking off the first coat, you will just add another coat on top of that and it will be as good as new.

The Different Types

There are many different types of epoxy shields available, so you are able to browse through what there is and find the product that best suits your needs. You might find that one is perfect for the garage, while a different one would work wonderfully in the bathroom – it is all up to you, and this is why you are advised to take some time making this decision and not rush into it, so that you can make the best choice for your family home.

The best place for you to look is online, as this is where all of the Rustoleum epoxy shields are advertised, so it is easy for you to look at the different types available, compare them to one another and then eventually make a decision regarding which of them you think is best for you to use.




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