Data Storage Media Devices And Their Storage Space

data storage media devices and their storage spaceAn examination of the various data storage media devices and their storage space is revealing – and helpful for the person who needs to find a new way to save his important files and documents. A data storage media device is a piece of equipment used for storing digital data and recording information. Recording is done in various ways, but usually involves electromagnetic energy “writing” on optical disks and / or magnetic tapes. In plain language, these are devices that hold our computer programs, our saved files, photos, music, videos, and more. There are several different types of storage devices. Most commonly used by computer users are hard drives, SD memory cards, floppy disks, the CD Rom / DVD Rom and USB flash drives and best quality wireless external data storage device for Mac. These all vary widely in how much storage space they offer.

Different Types Of Data Storage Media Devices And Their Storage Space

  • Hard Drive – A hard drive stores data on rigid platters that have magnetic surfaces. These platters rotate rapidly when they’re in use. It’s the main storage device of most computers, and is usually found inside the computer (although it’s possible to attach an external hard drive for extra storage space).
  • SD Memory Card – An SD memory card resembles a small floppy disk. It’s a device that is usually a half inch to inch long and slides into a slot in a computer or camera or cell phone or other digital device. It’s used for easy portability of the computerized contents.
  • Floppy Disk – A floppy disk is a cartridge that has a thin roll of flexible magnetic tape inside and a square container on the outside. You use a “floppy disk drive” to read the contents of the disk as well as to write on it. Although they used to be second only to hard drives for computer storage, history has not been kind to them; most computers today have shed them altogether in favor of CD Rom drives.
  • CD/DVD Discs – Most computers today have either a CD ROM or DVD ROM drive. This is a round metallic disk that can be read or, if you have a rewriteable drive, written to. These are exactly the same size, shape and look of standard music CDs.
  • USB  Devices – A USB thumb drive is a device that plugs into the USB port. It’s removeable and rewriteable. It’s smaller than all but the SD card and holds a huge amount of data. It’s quite popular because of the ability to keep a large amount of information in your pocket at all times. Also known as memory sticks or flash drives.

Data Storage Media Devices And Their Storage Space Sizes

So now let’s talk size. Which is the best deal if you’re looking for maximum storage space? Let’s take a closer look at data storage media devices and their storage space.

  • At the low end of the spectrum is the old, obsolete floppy disk. At their largest, they store only 1.44 megabytes of files.
  • A CD ROM has considerably more space, but still doesn’t break the gigabyte barrier. It holds slightly less than 700 Megs.
  • Much more portable and offering much more storage space is the SD memory card. Although you can get them as small as 4 Megs, they also go as high as 32 gigabytes.
  • The king of portability and size, though, is the thumb drive. While just a tad bit bigger than the SD card, some models hold up to a whopping 256 gigs (smaller ones are naturally less expensive). It’s expected that in the near future, this will double to 512 gigabytes, if not already.
  • And of course, the old faithful hard drive still offers the most storage space. Because they now can reach into the terrabytes (a thousand gigabytes), hard drives are not expected to disappear any time soon. Although they’re only as portable as your computer, in terms of storage capacity, nothing tops them in terms of data computer media storage.

One other question: Which of these is the best media for archival data storage? Probably either the thumb drive or a spare external hard drive works best. That’s because both offer huge amounts of storage room. And both are durable enough to last for the long term. But if you want to take your archive with you, the thumb drive wins by a nose. But either of them will let you replace a whole lot of paper records with your new electronic library.

One last word of advice: As you’re considering the different data storage media devices and their storage space, you’ll find that the one best for you will depend on your own unique needs. Think of what you want to store, and for how long, and then make your decision.

Computer Data Storage Software

Computer data storage software is a category of programs which enables the computer user to replicate data on their computer and save it to a different place from the original data. The purpose, of course, is to keep the data safe in the event of an emergency. The files, programs or data on this backup source is retrievable whenever the original is lost, damaged, attacked by a virus, etc. A number of companies produce computer data storage software. Today, you can shop for your backup software online; many times you can even download it from the Internet. Thanks to the advanced technology of the 21st century, you need not worry about your computer crashing or being attacked by viruses. A replica of your important files can be saved by the right programs.

Computer Data Storage Software Solutionsdata storage media devices and their storage space

Storage software is used heavily at companies which provide IT solutions for their clients. That’s because they work with critical deadlines and targets and can’t afford to lose their client’s data due to damaged equipment, a fire or virus attack. The backup process has been designed so that it can be managed via a simple graphic interface. Though simple, it is guarded by secure passwords. There are three different kinds of backup software:

  • the highest level is incremental
  • then there’s the complete level
  • and the standard levels

Most small businesses today invest in backup technology, because they understand the potential disaster if they lose that data.

Because of the simplicity involved with computer data storage software, it can be customized according to the user’s needs. It can be customized so that it saves an entire hard drive, or so that it only backs up certain computer files and / or applications. One of the best things about these types of programs is that they aren’t designed only for a certain kind of application. They will save in many different file formats. In fact, if you have a good program, it will back up any format you have. This should make it compatible with all of your text files, video files, photos, slides, and databases.

In addition to software, there are various computer data storage devices that you can use to protect your data. For instance, there are:

  • External hard drives
  • USB flash drives
  • Rewritable DVD or CD Rom drives

All of these units make it easy to keep your information safe.

So where do you buy the best storage software? There are a few options available to you. One is at the local office supply store, in the computer section. More people today, though, are getting it right off the Internet. A simple Google or Yahoo search on the phrases “backup software” or “storage software” or “computer security and data storage” will yield many locations with good deals. If you add “product reviews” to the keyword, you can find out what people are saying about the product you’re considering. No matter what data storage media devices and there storage space you want to use for your storage, the Internet is your friend. Make effective use of it and you’ll easily find the computer data storage software you need.


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