Decorated Test Tube Treats Make Great Gifts

Decorative Test TubeIf you are looking for something small and creative to do for a group of people, you might consider making decorative test tube treats. Decorative test tube treats are small, creative, and perfect for designing individual assortments that people love.

Decorative Test Tube Treats

Whether you are making treats for a classroom of children or a group of people coming to your home, a great idea is decorative test tube treats. People enjoy them because they are individually wrapped, a portion that is not too big or too small, and they can take the test tubes home with them and use them later for other things. Test tubes are the best wrappers for treats because you can reuse them over and over.

What To Fill Your Decorative Test Tube With

When you use decorated test tubes to fill with treats, it is best to buy an assortment of different things to fill them with. This will ensure you have something for everyone.

  • You want to choose small candies that will fit inside of the test tubes.
  • You might buy different types of test tubes that vary in size so you can fit larger candies in them.
  •  The ideal candies to put inside of air test tubes include things like M&Ms, Reeses pieces, red hots, chocolate covered raisins, peanuts, and other things.
  • Having a wide variety of candies for people to choose from is smart. Plus, when all of the test tubes are placed in a holder or a dish, it provides for a colorful assortment.

The Color Of The Tube

If you are going to design a decorative test tube, there are many things you can do. You can opt to buy colored test tubes that are dark blue or other colors. People like the colored tubes but if you are going to put candy in them, keep in mind it will be hard to see what the candies are and everything will look blue. Many people choose to go with the clear test tubes and decorate them on the outside. You can do something super simple as tying a colorful bow around the tube. Some people like to plug a decorated test tube with a marshmallow candy or something else creative. This will allow for no candy to spill out of the test tube until someone grabs it and is ready to enjoy the treats inside.

How To Pour In Your CandiesDecorative Test Tube

Decorative test tubes are easy to make and great for all occasions.

  • When pouring candy into the tubes it is best to use a funnel or cut a tiny hole in the bag. This will ensure you don’t spill the candy everywhere.
  • Once the test tube is full, secure the top with something so the candy doesn’t spill out.
  • Tie a bow around each of the tubes and you have a colorful assortment of treats.
  • You might consider sending decorated test tubes to school with your child the next time it is snack day for he or she. Their teacher will love it and so will the kids.
  • It provides an even portion of a snack and everyone will enjoy the creativity. Plus, the teacher may have use for the test tubes in the classroom.

Ideas for Using Acrylic Test Tubes

There are many creative ways you can use acrylic test tubes. If you have a bunch of acrylic test tubes lying around, don’t throw them away. Many of the things you can use them for include kids, drinks, flowers, and more.

Acrylic test tubes are used for scientific research in laboratories and in class rooms. You might have a few lying around that you think are trash because you have no scientific research you plan on doing in the near future. There is no reason to throw them away. There are plenty of creative things you might consider using them for. Many people use test tubes with an acrylic test tube rack holder for different things instead of scientific purposes. Here are a few examples of some of the creative things you might consider to turn it into a decorative test tube.

  • Kids are known to break things. They cannot help it because they are kids. Acrylic test tubes are perfect for kids because they are not easily broken. They can be dropped and mishandled over and over and they are sure to withstand the beating. You can give cheap test tubes to kids to play with out in the sand box, in the tub, and even freeze juice in them to make interesting shaped popsicles.
  • The great thing about plastic test tubes is that they are designed to withstand hot and cold temperatures for scientific purposes. The plastic will not shatter when you put juice in them to make popsicles and put them in the freezer. The material will also not stain from the color of the liquid either.
  • One very popular use for acrylic test tubes is using them to replace shot glasses in a bar or restaurant. The great thing is that they are cheap test tubes, much cheaper than shot glasses. When used in a restaurant or bar you don’t have to worry about people walking off with them like you do a shot glass. The loss of money from theft is decreased. Test tubes provide a creative way to serve shots to customers and they enjoy it. Your wait staff will also enjoy carrying 20 shots with an acrylic test tube rack holder. He or she can carry more shots at one time and the risk of dropping any of them is next to null. This means you also cut down on the spills from your wait staff. They can be much more efficient when you are extremely busy.
  • If you are looking for something creative to do with acrylic test tubes around your home, you might consider using them as a holder for flowers. Rather than shoving a pile of flowers in a vase, put one flower in a test tube with water in it and see how it looks. When you put several of the test tubes side by side, the look is different and fun. This is an excellent conversation starter and your guests will love the way it looks. Several flowers can fit in a large test tube but it looks better with just one.

Decorative Test TubeReasons to Use a Test Tube Holder

There are many reasons you might consider using a test tube holder. These reasons include easier research, fewer breaks, easier to carry many at a time, and much more. Most people who use test tubes find a test tube holder is extremely convenient.

A test tube holder usually is designed with a wire frame. It has individual slots that hold test tubes in them. A handle is on the top so you can easily carry the holder filled with tubes. You can find test tube holders that can carry up to 30 tubes at a time. The great thing about the holders is that it allows you to individually place each decorative test tube in its own place without having to dig in a bowl or box for the one you are looking for. The holder also holds the tubes in an upright position. This means if you have items or liquid inside of the tubes, it will not spill out of the tube. This is very helpful if you want to measure or test something inside of the tubes and you don’t want them to spill out. If you try to hold too many tubes in your hand, you might find that spilling them is easy to do and it can be frustrating.

Flexible Test Tube Holder

A flexible test tube holder is ideal for most situations when test tubes are involved because they minimize test tube breaks. You can find a metal holder, plastic, and even wire test tube holders. It doesn’t really matter if the holder is metal or what the material is. The function of the holder is the most important because they ensure you will have fewer breaks and replacements. Many teachers find that students tend to break Beakers and test tubes more than most of the science equipment they use. Even if they are cheap, they don’t seem so cheap when breaks occur all of the time. Using a test tube holder is ideal for kids and when you need to secure many tubes at the same time.

Using These Tubes In A Bar Or Restaurant

Wire test tube holders are easy to carry. They make it easy for someone to carry around many test tubes at the same time without worrying about spilling or dropping the tubes. If you own a bar and you like to serve liquor shots in test tubes, consider using a carrier designed for test tubes. The tong isn’t important. However, you want to be sure your waiter or waitress can carry as many shots as possible without spilling them. The great thing about test tubes is that he or she can carry up to 30 shots at a time with a test tube holder and still have another hand free. There is no way your bartender can fit 30 shots on a tray.

A test tube holder is ideal for the use of test tubes in any circumstance. If you are a teacher or if you own a bar, using holders to secure test tubes is important. They offer a convenient way to secure test tubes in an upright position, come in different materials, and ensure fewer breaks.


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