Long Lasting Diamond Wire Saw Blades

Diamond Wire Saw BladesThere are so many choices now for different kind of blades for saws; however there are still some that are superior to others. For instance, diamond wire saw blades are an amazing choice for any type of saw. The quality of these blades is immaculate. As many as up to 90% of diamond blades manufactured will usually never dull. The diamond saw blades that on occasion do dull; will do so as a result of misuse or inappropriate use. If used properly these blades should never go dull and last a lifetime.

The Different Types of Diamond Wire Saw Blades

Diamond Wire Saw Blades

Diamond wire saw blades are not your common every day saw blade. A special machine uses a wire saw blade to cut (commonly called a band saw). The blades are made from wires that are banned together to make a larger cord. The machines that use these special blades, like the gryphon diamond wire saw, have two different types of ways they can use them, one way they go in a never ending circle, just like a normal saw blade would move, and the other way is reticulated, which means it will move in an up and down motion.

Standard Diamond Saw Blade

Standard diamond saw blades are in some ways just like any other saw blade, except for the fact that they are made out of incredible quality. These saw blades are better than your other standard saw blades due to the simple fact that they will never dull on you. Diamond saw blades have better durability as well, when some saw blades would break while cutting certain things, a circular saw diamond blade will not.

Diamond Glass Saw Blades

Diamond glass saw blades are made specifically for cutting glass. There design is totally different from other blades. They are designed with a solid, ruff edge instead of having teeth on the edges. These saw blades will not cut other materials like normal saw blades. The edge on a glass saw blade is almost like very course sand paper, but with better durability.

Other Saw Blades

There are several other types of saw blades available to you. Other saw blades include tile and rock cutting blades as well as tons of others. There are a few companies that have superior blades to other companies. Star and Nikita are some of the better name brands that you can buy blades and other tools from.

Choosing the right blade for the job is very critical, considering using the wrong blade can result in damage the blade, the saw, and can also cause serious injury to the user. So be sure you know what kind of material you will be cutting and make sure you get the right kind of blade for the job.

You can find most diamond wire saw blades in any hardware store around, but some specialty blades may have to be ordered online, or ordered from the store/manufacturer. Some of the better blades and specialty blades can get a little expensive, but if you need that specific blade to get a job done, it will be well worth the money for your safety in getting the job done properly.

The Benefits Of A Gryphon Diamond Wire SawDiamond Wire Saw Blades

Wire saws are useful pieces of machinery that use metal wires or cables to perform cutting tasks. The wire used in wire saws come in many different forms. Wires are sometimes referred to as “blades” and are either one or many strands of wire that are braided together. A Gryphon Diamond wire saw is used for many different applications.

Benefits Of A Gryphon Diamond Wire Saw

The use of diamond blades for your saw is dependent upon what materials you intend on cutting. There are many different forms of diamond wire. These may include:

  • Single stranded- these can be roughened for more abrasiveness.
  • Diamond impregnated beads that are threaded onto a cable. These beads (or spacers) are made with the diamond material- adding abrasiveness.
  • Cable that has abrasive compounds bonded to it.

When using diamond wire saw blades, water or oil is frequently used for lubricant to cool the wires (preventing heavy wear on the tool and wire).

Gryphon Diamond Wire Saw Cutting

There are many different types of Gryphon saws. Some of these include:

  • Gryphon diamond micro wire saw- Provides a diamond coated blade while being energy efficient and portable.
  • Gryphon diamond wire saw model omni-1. This saw is used for glass cutting and allows versatility while being reliable.

Diamond wire (impregnated by diamond dust) is used to cut through many rough materials. Diamonds are the strongest material known to man, making these wires extremely durable. The diamond abrasive is not as strong as a real diamond, but it can cut through any material that is softer than the abrasive it is made of.

The Advantages of Diamond Wire

Compared to solid wires, diamond wires produce a lesser amount of waste. When cutting through expensive materials, this wire could save you a lot of money by creating a smaller amount of waste.

When cutting with diamond wire chain saw, you generally need some form of liquid (normally water) to make the cut and keep the wire cool. In some instances, you need no lubrication. This can help to make a clean cut.

The Disadvantages of Diamond Wire

Diamond wire breaks easier when jammed or tangled than regular cutting blades. This can pose a larger threat for the individual operating the machine. The longevity of the diamond wire is dependent upon many conditions. If the wire snaps, creating smaller pieces of wire, they are generally unusable.

How to Safely Use a Diamond Wire Saw

There are many precautions one should take when using a piece of equipment that poses potential danger. The below tips may help to keep you safe when operating diamond wire saws:

  • Wear tight fitting clothes. If one wears baggy clothes while operating a saw, their chances of becoming snagged and accidentally being cut are increased.
  • Wear safety goggles. When a blade becomes snagged, it usually whips upward and snaps. To keep your eyes safe from debris and wire- wear safety goggles.
  • Review your instruction manual and become familiar with the parts of the machine. Ordering spare parts may keep you out of working predicaments.

A Gryphon Diamond wire saw is a helpful piece of machinery to cut through tough materials.

Diamond Wire Saw BladesUnsurpassed Durability With Diamond Wire Chain Saw Blades

Diamonds are the hardest material that has been discovered, being able to cut almost all other materials on earth. Diamond wire is saturated with the dust of diamonds, giving it more strength and cutting abilities than most other wires available on the market. Diamond wire cutting uses wires of varying diameter and lengths. A diamond wire chain saw is an effective way to cut through some of the toughest materials.

Benefits Of A Diamond Wire Chain Saw

One of the greatest advantages of diamond saws (thin ceramic) is that they can save you time, money, and effort, while effectively cutting through many materials. Diamond wire saw blades are making a name for themselves on the market, rapidly replacing other cutting tools. These are used in laboratory and factory settings. They are used in many fields and for many applications. These include:

  • Research Facilities
  • Manufacturing
  • Quality Control

The diamond wire used in diamond wire saws can cut through the following materials (and others)

  • Crystals
  • Silicon
  • Glass
  • Metals

These saws are extremely efficient. You can purchase diamond wire rope hand held saws, but the process may take longer to complete as well as more physical labor. A gryphon diamond wire saw are able to cut through silicon with the greatest precision.

There are many resources that can help you to find the right diamond saw (or wire) or contractors to help you in the completion of any projects you need to complete. Here are the top three resources you can utilize:

  1. The internet – This tool is extremely useful as well as being easy to use. You can easily google what you are looking for with any specifications. You can browse from your home, locating the proper machinery or contractors you need. Places, such as craigslist.com, are great ways to find used items for a lower price.
  2. The Newspaper – Many contractors post their information in the newspaper for business purposes. You can also look in the classifieds for items for sale.
  3. The Phone Book – Calling around for estimates and prices may take longer, but you can get a personal feel for someone before you have them come to your property to shoot you a price.

Safety Tips for Using a Diamond Wire SawDiamond Wire Saw Blades

There are many hazards when using any heavy machinery. The below tips may help to save your life:

  • Make sure the path way for the saw is clear of debris and dirt.
  • When carrying the saw, shut off the machine. You do not want to have an accident.
  • Wear clothing that fits properly. You do not want your clothing to be sucked into the blade. This is hazardous, you could get cut.
  • Keep both hands on the machine at all times (when in use/on).
  • Wear protective gear. Gloves and goggles may be essential in protecting your body from harm. Eye goggles can keep debris from flying into your eyes (this can prevent the loss or damage of your eyes).

The precision and strength of a diamond wire chain saw is remarkable and practically unbeatable.


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