Making Use Of An Earthway Precision Garden Seeder

Earthway SeederA Earthway seeder is one of the least expensive seeders you can purchase for home use. They still offer good quality, and function for a great price. There are many different types of Earthway seeders. You can get seeders to spread grass seed, and any kind of vegetable seed. Different styles of seeders available include bag seeders, precision seeders, wide spread seeders, and many more.

Types of The Earthway Seeder and Their Uses

Bag seeders

  • Bag seeders usually consist of a nylon material bag that has a round circle disc on the front and straps to go around your shoulder and back.
  • They also have a hand crank on them so you can distribute the seed at the density you like.
  • These bag seeders are great for rough, wet terrain, or very steep hill terrain.
  • You can get one of these bag seeders with different size bags on them, ranging from anywhere between 10-30 pounds.
  • The seeders are completely hand operated, and have a quick stop system in them so whenever you release the hand crank and stop it, the seeds will stop.
  • The bag seeders are designed for a wide spread of seeds, so it will save you some time when seeding.
  • The seeders come in handy whenever it comes time to seed your lawn.

Precision seedersEarthway Seeder

  • The Earthway precision garden seeder is a great way to plant row crops without having to guess on where to put seeds.
  • These seeders usually come with six seed plates. The plates allow the right amount of seed to be distributed evenly through the rows.
  • The seeders also come with a row marker to help determine where the next row should be; ensuring you get correct row spacing for your plants to grow.
  • Earthway vegetable seeders are a great way to plant exactly what and where you want, while saving you a lot of time as well.
  • Without having to plant seeds by hand (which takes hours), the Earthway seeder allow fast easy planting of crop seeds.

Eathway Seeder Problems

There are a few problems that people have posted online. One of the problems is that some of the plates allow seeds to get behind them, thus causing crushed seeds. However this is a problem common to most seeders you will find on the market. There are several charts and reviews you can look at online to figure out what the best solution for your planting and seeding needs. If you have a problem with your slit seeder, be sure you contact the manufacturer for help. They may have you send in your seeder for a replacement, or it could even be a very simple fix you can do yourself.

Earthway seeders are a great way to begin your crops or start seeding your lawn. They are extremely affordable, so you won’t have a large outlay of cash on equipment. If you intend to planting a garden or just reseeding your grass, and want to save yourself a lot of time and frustration, consider an Earthway seeder to meet your planting and seeding needs.



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