Using An Electric Framing Nail Gun

Electric Nail GunAn electric nail gun is used by construction workers, home owners, and anyone looking for a convenient way to get a job done. There are many considerations with an electric nail gun you might want to think about before purchasing or using one. A similar piece of equipment is a Arrow T 72 staple gun.

Benefits Of An Electric Nail Gun

If you work on a job that requires you to hammer nails into any surface, you might consider using an electric nail gun. An electric brad nail gun does the hammering for you by electrically pushing a nail into the surface in an instant. The hard work and labor of hammering is removed when you use a nail gun. The nail gun nails are loaded into the gun, and all you do is press the gun against the surface you need a nail in and pull the trigger. You won’t have tired wrists from hammering and it allows you to put a nail in place by using just one hand. Nail guns have allowed for workers to complete jobs much quicker. In addition, fewer nails are wasted by bending them from improper hammering and putting them in at the wrong angle.

An Electric Framing Nail Gun

When you choose an electric framing nail gun, it is important to think about your needs.

  • There are different types of guns you can use. If you are going to be working outdoors away from an electrical outlet, you might want to consider a nail gun that is battery operated.
  • This will allow you to have freedom of portability. You cannot be confined to the distance an extension cord allows you. If you are working primarily indoors on projects, then an electric brad nail gun with a cord won’t be an issue. Some workers enjoy a cordless because they don’t get wrapped up in a cord and the cord never gets in the way. It is up to you. Expect to pay a little bit more when you purchase a cordless gun. However, you can find an electric nail gun used in your local classified ads and even in pawn shops. Look around if you need to purchase a used gun.

The Safety On An Electric Nail GunElectric Nail Gun

Safety should be a big factor when choosing an electric nail gun. Before you buy, think about safety. Many nail guns come with safety features. The biggest injury from a nail gun is in the hand. Some people think a nail gun can be used as a firing mechanism like a gun but this is not true. Most nail guns have a nozzle on the tip of the gun that must be pushed into the surface before it will inject a nail. You can find guns with a sequential trip trigger that requires the nose to be depressed simultaneously while pressing the trigger before it will shoot a nail. If you have children around while you work, a nail gun is something they are usually curious about. Always consider safety features on a nail gun before you purchase one. Also, never leave your nail gun out when you are finished with the job.

If you are thinking about purchasing or using an electric nail gun, there are many factors to consider. An electric framing nail gun can be dangerous. Choose one with integrated safety features for your protection. Also, you might consider a cordless gun if you need to finish work outdoors away from an outlet.

Choosing The Right Nails For Nail Gun

If you are working on a framing job or any construction job using a nail gun, it is important to use the right nail gun nails. Many of the factors in choosing the right nail gun nails include using the right size, right material, and the right type for the nail gun you are using.

Get The Right Nail Gun Nails For The Job

Electric Nail GunA nail gun is very convenient to have because it allows you to have one hand free while you are working on the job. If you are using a traditional hammer while you are framing, you need one hand to steady the nail and another hand to hold the hammer and pound the nail into the wood. This makes it difficult to hold balance if you are at an odd angle and makes the job take much longer. A cordless nail gun is the best option when working on any job because it shoots the nail directly into the wood surface in less than a second. There is no fighting with bending nails, wrong angles, and other issues. When using a nail gun, you must choose the right nails to use.

One factor when choosing nail gun nails is the material the nails are constructed from.

  • You can find nails made from aluminum, copper, and steel.
  • Aluminum nails are not very popular because they are not very strong and they are not capable of holding strong for big jobs. Aluminum nails are ideal for use of aluminum sheeting and not recommended for much else.
  • Copper nails are commonly used for roofing and in water conditions.
  • Steel nails are the most common nails for nail gun use. This is because they are strong and they do not rust as easily as other types of nails.

The right size of nail gun nails is another factor you need to determine before you run out and buy new nails for your Hitachi nail gun. If you buy too long of nails then the ends may stick out of the other side of your project, creating a dangerous atmosphere. Too short of nails won’t hold what you are nailing together. Be sure you choose nails at the proper length for the job. This might require some measuring on your part before you get started.

Different Types Of Nail Gun Nails For Different Guns

If you have a Hitachi or any type of electric nail gun, you need to be sure the nails for nail gun you choose will fit in properly in the gun. Not all nails work with every gun. Verify with the manufacturer and the type of gun that you have which nails will work right. Some nail guns work with most generic nails on the market while others are proprietary. If you haven’t purchased your nail gun yet, you might want to consider how versatile the nail gun is before you buy it. This will make it easier for you to find nails for your gun at most places that sell them.

Nail gun nails are not the same. There are different sizes of nails, different materials, and not all work with every gun. Be sure before you get started on a job you have the right nails to work with. Using a nail gun will make your life much easier and faster on a project.



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