The Residential Electrical House Wiring Guide

Electrical House Wiring GuideChecking house electrical wiring can be a dangerous venture for those without any prior knowledge. This residential electrical house wiring guide is aimed at giving you a general overview of what materials and knowledge the novice homeowner might need for troubleshooting their house’s electrical wiring.

An individual (who is not an electrician) can locate the source of many small problems and then make a determination if the issue is something relatively easy to solve or if the technical expertise of an electrician is required. You should be able to see a money savings in the long term from fewer expensive service calls. Each person should have some minimal knowledge about their home’s electrical system in the event of an emergency.

A Electrical House Wiring Guide

Each responsible adult in the household should know the following information about a house’s electrical wiring:

  • The location of any house electrical wiring diagrams-You should keep this information in an easy to reach location, where everyone can find and access it quickly (if needed). If you have this information it can be of great assistance when you are doing things like drilling or inserting anything (nails for instance) into the wall. You can avoid drilling through an electrical wire by locating it before you start. If you drill though a wire you may be injured, cause permanent damage to the wiring in your home or in the event you don’t know you drilled into the wire, a fire could start in the wall.
  • In an emergency situation (like those listed above); you need to know how to cut the power from the electrical box. Your electrical box is usually a gray metal box recessed into a wall, generally in an out of the way location such as a closet or utility room. Inside of the box are the breakers. There should be a set of main breakers that are larger than all the others in the box. If you flip these to the off position, it will cut the power to your entire house. You can also cut power to select areas of your house by turning the small individual breakers to the off position. This is convenient if you only want to work on a certain room’s electrical wiring.
  • Everyone should know how to reach the electrical company. If you need to report a problem or an emergency; you will need to know who to contact.

Electrical House Wiring Guide Recommend Tools for Homeowners to OwnElectrical House Wiring Guide

For the average homeowner with limited electrical knowledge; a small number of tools are necessary in their tool box. The usual general tools such as hammer, Phillips and straight edge screwdriver, utility knife and electrical tape are essentials for dealing with house electrical wiring and automobile electrical wiring diagrams. If you want to test wiring, (to an electrical outlet for instance) electrical testers are made. The testers allow you to insert them against a wire, switch or outlet; and check for correct electricity without being shocked.

The best tool you have to use when working with electricity is your own common sense. Electricity is dangerous and can cause serious injury. Be confident of your knowledge and skills before you attempt any in depth repair of electrical wiring. If you do not feel competent; it is best to err on the side of safety and phone a professional if you need assistance with electrical house wiring guide.



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