All About Ferguson Plumbing Supplies

Ferguson Plumbing SupplyFerguson plumbing supply is the largest plumbing wholesaler in North America, serving coast-to-coast and beyond to some of the islands. They are also a major distributor of heating and cooling (HVAC) products and waterworks products. Their plumbing supplies are found in all corners of the market, including industrial and residential. If you have indoor plumbing, chances are you may have Ferguson in your home or business. And if you need plumbing supplies as a professional, they are certainly the company to go to. But Ferguson has expanded over the decades to provide much more than just plumbing supplies.

Ferguson Plumbing Supply

Ferguson Plumbing Supply Then:

  • Like most companies, Ferguson plumbing supply started out small in the early 1950s with only two locations and a small audience.
  • After a few decades of business, Wolseley plc, a company in the United Kingdom, bought Ferguson.
  • As a major backer, this change of hands caused rapid growth for the company and also allowed them to branch out into other industry segments, including industrial, waterworks, and heating and cooling to start with.
  • However, they are still well known for quality plumbing supplies.

Ferguson Plumbing Supply Now:

  • Today, Ferguson plumbing supply serves both professionals and homeowners and offers a wide range of products, far beyond plumbing.
  • Homeowners can not only depend on this decades-old company to supply them with quality wholesale plumbing products like valves and pipes, but also kitchen design advice.
  • Their experts can help homeowners design the perfect kitchen for their needs and lifestyle, helping them to choose the best appliances and technology available for their home.
  • It’s a far cry from just the general plumbing supply store that Ferguson once was.

Professionals still depend on Ferguson plumbing supplies for the quality wholesale distribution of a wide range of commercial plumbing products. Professionals from different backgrounds, including plumbers, HVAC, mechanical, builders, and other professionals all look to Ferguson for the products they need and the understanding their associates have of the businesses involved. Because of their wide network, Ferguson plumbing supply can deliver what professionals need in a timely manner, and get a hold of hard to find products. They make it easy to order for busy pros with online ordering via their website.

Ferguson plumbing supply sells different brands exclusively, including

  • Mirabelle
  • Raptor
  • FNW Valve

Professionals especially have a vast network of suppliers via Ferguson, far beyond plumbing supplies. Professionals can access almost anything from counter tops and faucets to light fixtures and appliances, but they can also still get a hold of the builder products they need as well. Ferguson has essentially become a one-stop shopping environment for professionals. But businesses and homeowners benefit in the end too and you can be on the look-out for discount plumbing supplies.

From its slow start in 1953 to the massive wholesaler it is today, Ferguson plumbing supply can outfit any professional (or homeowner) with what they need to do the job. From behind-the-scenes plumbing parts to counter tops and lighting for show stopper kitchens, Ferguson’s vast network of businesses can get the products where they need to be, when they need to be there.

Finding Discount Plumbing SuppliesFerguson Plumbing Supply

If you’re a professional plumber, then you no doubt go through a lot of parts. You may need the same parts over and over again and keep a small inventory of the most common ones. Buying a lot of parts at a time may get expensive, causing you to have to raise your prices. Finding discount plumbing supplies can save you money and keep you from having to raise your rates. Get all the parts you need for everyday jobs without paying top dollar.

Where To Look For Discount Plumbing Supplies

There may be more than one way to save money on parts in your area, and this is true whether you are a professional plumber or just a homeowner who needs some repairs done. If you need or want a specific brand such as Ferguson plumbing supply or Gerber, you may still be able to find them at a discount if you look around. Here are some ideas for finding discount plumbing supplies.

Local Plumbing Supply Stores

  • Check your local discount plumbing supplies store. If you are a professional you may already have your favorite supplier. If not and it is a DIY plumbing project, you may not realize that these places actually exist. Look around your area, especially within larger towns and cities, for discount plumbing supply stores.
  • They will probably keep a range of the standard parts you need and you may save even more by buying in bulk. It won’t be worth the money for everything, but it might work out to be cheaper in the long-run for certain parts you use consistently.
  • If you’re a homeowner, you may still be able to save a little money on individual parts, even if you don’t need a whole slew of them.

Online Plumbing Supply Stores

  • Search online for discount suppliers,wholesalers and plumbing representatives. You may not need to make a special trip if your closest discount plumbing supplies store is out of your way.
  • Online plumbing supply stores and wholesalers may actually offer more of a selection and the same good rates, or better, than a local store. And you can save time by ordering them from your office or home and having them shipped directly to you.
  • Online plumbing supplies may include more specialty items as well such as spa and pond plumbing parts. If you do a lot of jobs like that, going online for your discount supplies may make more sense.

Looking At Used Plumbing Parts

Consider looking for used parts. Used plumbing parts are not necessarily the way to go all the time. But there may be situations when a used part is all right to use. Discount supplies of this variety may also be found online. Buying used parts might especially seem tempting when you’re a homeowner attempting a job on your own and you need to save money. However, do buy carefully when buying used parts. Consider what role the part plays and examine thoroughly the used parts you’re considering before buying them. If the parts are faulty, you’ll end up spending more money in the long-run than if you’d just bought new parts.

So there are essentially three ways to save money on plumbing parts. Local discount plumbing supplies stores may sell a good variety of standard parts and offer good deals individually and in bulk. Online suppliers may have a larger selection, you don’t have to go anywhere, and some may carry more specialty things like rv plumbing supplies. Finally, used parts may be an option but only if you carefully consider their use and examine the shape they’re in.


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