The Answers to 5 Pertinent Gleaner Combine Questions

Gleaner CombinesWho Manufactures Gleaner Combines?

In 1923, two brothers named Baldwin developed Gleaner combines. The combines were notable for their innovation and quality. By the time the 1930’s came around; the company was facing bankruptcy and was bought out. Gleaner combines were most famously manufactured by Allis Chalmer, which is known as AGCO today. New Gleaner combines for sale can be obtained by visiting an authorized AGCO dealer.

All About Gleaner Combines For Sale

  • What Do Gleaner Combines For Sale Do?

    Gleaner combines for sale are used for the harvesting of grain crops. You can reap, bind and thresh grains with a single machine. Before combines were invented, this process required three separate actions and was extremely time and labor consuming.

  • What Makes a Gleaner Combine Special?

    Sales results for Gleaner combines have continued to increase due to the uniqueness of them. A Gleaner combine has the availability of tracks (instead of tires) to make them ideal for harvesting in very muddy or wet conditions. Grains such as rice that are produced in very wet environments are able to be harvested with the use of a Gleaner combine.

  • How do I purchase a New Gleaner Combine?

    Combines are a vital and expensive large piece of farm equipment. Purchasing one can be a drain on financial resources the typical farmer may not have. If purchasing a new Gleaner combine, you may have a few options for financing one. A new dealer may have financing options from the manufacturer available. Special loans and grants from the government may also be an option to you. Check with your local agriculture extension office or the United States Department of Agriculture for further details.

What if I Can’t Afford the Price of a New Combine?Gleaner Combines

If the cost of a new Gleaner L3 combines for sale is out of the question you will need to look at alternative possibilities. Here are some possible options for you to consider:

  • Check local listings (such as the newspaper) for a farm implement auction. Old and used combine parts are often available at these auctions. Auctions will come in two types. The first type is strictly a farm implement one and will have many pieces of equipment (usually all farm or industrial related). The second type is an auction that is held at a farm, and everything is from a single owner. The farmer could have died, is retiring or simply selling out. This type of auction may only offer one combine for sale. An implement auction will offer a better chance of finding Gleaner combines for sale.
  • Check online by doing a search for Gleaner combines for sale. Agriculture is utilizing today’s technology to connect farms in different parts of the country together. Several online forums are devoted to the sale of farm implements. This is definitely of benefit by giving you access to a large number of combines for sale and also by increasing competition in pricing. When evaluating the price of a piece of equipment, take into account the transport cost of the equipment. Combines are very large and require special transport on a semi trailer or by railroad. It probably does not make sense to travel across the country to save a few hundred dollars. It may be wiser to find what you need closer to home.

Take Steps To Get The Right Used Combine Parts The First Time

A combine is a large piece of farm equipment used for the harvesting of grain. Due to the nature of farming, equipment receives a great deal of heavy duty use over a long period of time. Care and maintenance of implements is crucial to maintain peak performance of the equipment and ensure the life of it. However, it is inevitable that break down will occur. Just like these machines, parts for them can be very expensive. Many farmers turn to used combine parts to help defray some of the costs.

Gleaner CombinesFinding The Right Used Combine Parts

Since a combine is utilized for harvesting, when their service is needed it is not something that can wait. Crops will only stay in the field for a certain period of time when they are ready for picking. If they remain too long they will rot and will be lost. This is a tremendous loss of revenue in a business that struggles to stay alive in today’s economy.

Finding the right used combine parts the first time can make the difference between harvesting on time and losing a crop entirely. In order to find the used rebuilt combine parts you need; be prepared to have the following information available:

  • Year equipment was manufactured
  • Manufacturing company of equipment (for example Gleaner combines for sale, John Deere, etc.)Make and model of the equipment
  • The name of the specific part you need
  • Serial number of the old part if it is available

You also need to know whether or not there are any associated parts (besides the malfunctioning part) that you need to replace. This can include screws for installation, filters for the air cleaner (if you are replacing this part), and any parts that show signs of significant wear. It is better to go ahead and replace any other parts that are worn while you have the equipment disassembled. This could save you time and effort in the long term.

A tip to help make sure you get the right part you need is to consult the manual for the combine. Most manuals have a listing of all the parts with their part number. The part number is the most accurate way to get the exact same part. If you do not have the manual, you can get online and obtain a copy of it.

Used And Rebuilt

When looking for used combine parts; you will find two options: buying parts from an old piece of equipment or buying used rebuilt combine parts. If you have a choice between used and rebuilt, rebuilt is usually your better option. The reason for this is the fact that typically tearing a combine down and replacing parts is a major task. You don’t want to go through the process repeatedly due to a used part wearing out again. Rebuilt parts will usually come with some type of warranty as well. Some parts for much older models of combine may not still be available, giving you no choice but to go with used combine parts. You will need to consult a salvage yard or online for used parts in this situation.

If you are fortunate enough to own a John Deere combine; finding parts is much easier. Used John Deere combine parts are one of the easiest to locate directly from the manufacturer. When your used combine parts arrive, check them with the old part for exactness before installation.


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