How to Install Graphics Card in Toshiba Satellite Laptop – Step By Step Guide

How to Install Graphics Card in Toshiba Satellite LaptopHow to Install Graphics Card in Toshiba Satellite Laptop

Lucky owners of Toshiba satellite laptops enjoy the efficiency and durability of its design, but seeing as everyone’s different there will always be individuals that want to upgrade some specs to improve performance and graphics. Not many people know how to install graphics card in Toshiba satellite laptop. If you like playing games then you can appreciate how frequently the gaming market changes. New games constantly need updated graphics so use this little guide as a way that you can find out how to install a graphics card in Toshiba satellite laptop.

Looking More Into How To Install Graphics Card In Toshiba Satellite Laptop

If you know laptops, it’s fairly easy, but always take caution when trying to disassemble and don’t lose your screws. Here is a closer look on how to install graphics card in Toshiba satellite laptop:

  • Always start by disconnecting any cables, chargers and basically anything electric that’s plugged into the laptop.
  • Start by removing the battery and the seven screws that hold down the four different compartments.
  • Remove or disassemble all these covers over the compartments and remove the hard drive and memory cards gently and place them somewhere safe and dust free.
  • Remove the screws that are responsible for securing the modem to the board and very carefully disconnect the LAN jack cable by gently pulling it in an upwards motion.
  • After all this you can carefully turn the laptop right side up. From here take the tip of your screwdriver and place it beneath the very thin strip close to the top and lift it up. It’s safe to remove the strip securing this area and discard it if you wish.
  • Look at the top of the keyboard and you’ll find 2 little screws. Remove them and carefully lift the keyboard thereby separating it from the laptop. This should reveal the How to Install Graphics Card in Toshiba Satellite Laptopmotherboard, and you should be able to see the ribbon that connects the keyboard which you can safely disconnect from the motherboard. Place keyboard somewhere safe.
  • After you’ve removed the keyboard you should have complete access to the motherboard and be able to see the graphics compartment almost in the center of the motherboard.
  • Now we can finally remove the old graphics card by gently sliding it out of its little slot and replace it with out fantastic shiny new graphics card
  • Proceed to re-assemble the laptop very carefully in reverse order.

What makes Toshiba laptops great is that you are able to do subtle upgrades to your system whereas there are plenty of other brands which do not allow that. For great specs at good prices you could own one too, and if you need some convincing why not search online for any a103 Toshiba satellite laptop review and make up your own mind as to why these are so popular.

With any computer you must try to get your hands on some repair parts for a Toshiba satellite laptop so that you’re not caught with your pants down. After you’ve learned how to install graphics card in a Toshiba satellite laptop now you can enjoy the benefits and have hours of fun.



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