Innovative Loading Dock Solutions

Kelley Atlantic Dock LevelerThe Kelley Atlantic Dock Leveler was first invented in 1953 and it was truly the first of its kind. The company has remained one of the leading innovators in hydraulic, air powered, and mechanical dock solutions. In 1994 they had their next major breakthrough with the air powered dock leveler.  The following will provide you with everything you need to know about the Kelley Atlantic Dock Leveler before making your purchase although you can’t go wrong.

Different Kelley Atlantic Dock Leveler Types

If you are interested in purchasing from Kelley Atlantic Dock Levelers then you will benefit from learning about the different models that are currently offered by the company. This will help you to decide which model would be most effective for you. The company is truly the industry standard, so you have plenty of high quality models for sale to choose from. The company is especially known for their high quality merchandise that is built to last.

The Kelly Atlantic Dock Leveler’s wide product line includes:

The Edge of Dock Kelley Atlantic Dock Levelers, for example, feature an open lug style of front lip hinge that offers superior strength. They also feature tire laminated dock bumpers to offer improved protection. The mechanics feature a reduced lifting force which leads to supreme safety and operation as well. And finally, the EZ hang installation tabs make setting up the machine easier than ever before.

The Energy Guard product effects an advanced perimeter seal along the rear and sides of a dock leveler. It serves to protect the dock levelers from debris, grime, dirt and even prevents energy loss.  This product  minimizes the loss of heat and energy in and out of the dock leveler.

Kelley Air Bag Leveler

Perhaps the most notorious offering by the company is the Kelley Air Bag Leveler. These machines offer a patented air bag lift system that is perhaps the world’s most efficient dock solutions. As an additional bonus, this air bag dock leveler is also very reasonable in price so you are sure to get your money’s worth. Just a few of the major highlights of these machines include the following: push button operation, fully operational even under extreme pressure, superior strength, extended life, effective working range, and a lower profile design. All this and more make the Kelley Air Bag Leveler one of the preferred products of its type.

Mechanical Kelley Dock LevelersKelley Atlantic Dock Leveler

Finally we will take a look at the mechanical Kelley Dock Levelers. These are well known for their single point adjustment extension spring counterbalance and their integral maintenance support latch. The unlimited float hold-down and open sub frame design also make this an excellent buy. This and other features result in one of the most efficient designs on the market.

Hopefully you now have a better idea of what the Kelley Atlantic Dock Leveler has to offer and whether or not the company has the type of machine that you are looking for. You can learn more on the company’s official web site. Here you can also download literature, request a quote, and find distributors in your area.

A Basic Overview Of Air Powered Dock Levelers

The air bag dock leveler is a device that truly revolutionized the docking industry. It features several traits that make it one of the best leveling devices on the market, so it goes without saying that it is one of the most preferred machines for loading and unloading cargo. The following will seek to provide you with as much information as possible regarding the air bag dock leveler so you will know whether or not they are the right purchase for you.

Kelley Atlantic Dock LevelerInformation On The Air Bag Dock Leveler

The first thing you should know about the air bag dock leveler is that it is one of the safest mechanical dock levelers currently on the market. To make matters even better, it features an affordable price that is not too much higher than the other options. There are a few companies out there that offer this piece of machinery, but the one that you should consider first is Kelley Atlantic dock leveler. This company produces a wide range of devices for loading and unloading cargo, and their Electric Air-Bag Type Dock Leveler is considered by many to be the absolute top of the line.

  • Another one of the main benefits offered by Kelley air powered dock levelers is their air defense which is a patented system for stump out and free fall protection.
  • This includes structural dock support legs which can carry up to 60,000 pounds worth of vehicles and cargo.
  • These air operated dock levelers offer one of the best warranties in the industry as well, so you can comfortably expect your machine to last you for plenty of years to come.
  • There is typically a five year warranty offered on the lifting mechanism, and a ten year’s worth of coverage on the structural base.

However, Kelley is not the only company out there that offers air powered dock levelers; another one you should look into before making your purchase is Nordock. This company’s products are best known for their Pull-Action lifting system and their Auto Decent Lip Extension. The Pull-Action lifting system is intended to maximize the efficiently offered by the machine by using all the strength possible to lift the bag to the deck. The Auto Decent Lip Extension on the other hand, makes use of the natural weight of the deck to activate the lip so there is no compromise on the available lifting power.

These are just a couple examples of companies that offer an air bag dock leveler, so make sure that you continue your research before you settle on the right device for you. However, when it comes to high quality merchandise at a great price, you would be hard pressed to do any better than Kelley Atlantic Dock Levelers. The innovative systems and designs used in these products make them stand out above any others that may be on the market.



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