Load Testing Of Concrete Waffle Slabs One Of Many Services To Look For In A Cement Company

Load Testing Of Concrete Waffle SlabsIf you are seeking a cement construction company in Northern Michigan or anywhere else for that matter, you should make sure they offer load testing of concrete waffle slabs as one of their many services. A well-rounded portfolio of cement and concrete work is important when you are hiring a company for your project needs. For instance, waffle slabs are not solid concrete but rather a grid-like design that uses fewer materials but provides the same or often greater strength than a solid slab. If you seek this type of construction, you need to know that the cement contractor company performs load testing of concrete waffle slabs regularly for safety reasons.

Load Testing Of Concrete Waffle Slabs

Looking At Load Testing Of Concrete Waffle Slabs And Typical Concrete Project Needs

Most building projects, whether it is a home, apartment building or even a patio start with a solid foundation. Look for a cement company with a solid reputable history for any concrete slab construction needs you may have. When dealing with concrete slabs, there are a number of variables to consider before the project begins. For instance, appropriate subgrade preparation must be done in advance as well as proper placement of control joints and computing the correct cement and water ratio to allow proper concrete curing and the best method to repair crack in poured concrete foundation.

Hiring  Cement Construction Company

Serving as your own home contractor, you may need to hire a cement construction company to pour your floor slab and foundation. This important part of construction is best handled by a professional with knowledge of mix ratios, safety regulations and local building codes. If you choose the waffle design for your walls, floor or even ceiling, having a company knowledgeable in load testing of concrete waffle slabs will serve you well.

Optional Concrete Project Needs

Sometimes, it is not necessary to “recreate the wheel” so to speak when you are building. For instance, you could purchase precast concrete slabs from a cement contractor for your building needs. These prefabricated concrete pieces are made from reusable molds and then transported to your building site.

A variety of uses for the precast option exists including:

  • agricultural silos
  • earth retaining walls
  • stormwater vaults
  • sewage system
  • sound barriers
  • even walls for homes and apartment buildings

Decorative Concrete Options

Concrete can be a cheaper option in contrast to materials such as hardwoods, brick, stone and other masonry products, particularly when you have a large area to cover. Concrete overlay systems are an excellent example of employing concrete in place of another material. For instance, if you wanted the outside façade of your home to resemble limestone but cannot afford the real thing, a concrete product can be overlaid on top of your existing building material such as wood or brick and modeled to look just like tumbled limestone. You can recreate brick, natural stone, slate and even wood surfaces with decorative concrete floors applications.

Floor Coatings

A concrete floor coating is a possibility for your flooring needs, especially if you are partial to cement products in your building methods. Garages, utility rooms, laundry rooms, kitchens and even large greenhouses could benefit from concrete epoxy paint which would not only add some color to your concrete floor but also protect it from typical foot traffic and abuse from dropping things just remember to keep the Concrete Mixing Ratios right other wise it will be weak and crack . With a number of finishes available, you can achieve the concrete look you want.

Anticipating a number of concrete applications for your building projects, it is important to choose a well-rounded cement contractor. Research their reputation and take a look at their previous project sites. Check and make sure they conduct load testing of concrete waffle slabs as well as adhere to the local building codes and safety protocols. With the right cement company, you can accomplish some really cool things with concrete as your building medium.

Best Method to Repair Crack In Poured Concrete Foundation – Get A ProfessionalLoad Testing Of Concrete Waffle Slabs

One of the top searches about concrete on the internet is the best method to repair a crack in poured concrete foundation. A crack is a common problem in concrete foundations, typically caused by shrinkage from the curing process or even ground temperature fluctuations. It is not necessarily a major problem. However, unless you are a structural engineer, you should hire a concrete foundation crack repair South Carolina company to advise you of your options – if you’re in SC. If you are lucky, the best method to repair crack in poured concrete foundation may be something you could do yourself.

For Best Method To Repair Crack In Poured Concrete Foundation

The Common Crack Solution

A crack within your foundation can widen over time, contributing to potential structural issues or even moisture problems. Plus, cracks can be quite the eyesore, depending on where they are located.

  • The most common solution to the problem is concrete foundation crack repair with epoxy injection method.
  • This basically entails sealing all of the surface cracks using a special adhesive with the exception of a few key areas in which the epoxy material is pressure injected to fill in and seal up the cracks below the surface.
  • The best method to repair crack in poured concrete foundation can also employ a polyurethane material in place of the epoxy.
  • However, epoxy concrete sealer  is often the product of choice, even with professional foundation repair contractors.
  • In fact, these professionals use similar methods for repairing concrete decorative elements such as statues, benches and walls.
  • Cement epoxy adhesive concrete statuary repair is a popular contract service but there are kits available for determined do-it-yourselfers as well.

Load Testing Of Concrete Waffle SlabsProtecting your Concrete Investment

Cracks are not the only thing to be concerned with in regards to your concrete surfaces.

  • If you have decorative concrete elements inside or outside your home such as stenciling, staining or painting, you need a concrete floor sealer to protect the integrity of the design. You can do it yourself but with a concrete contractor, their sealing services are typically guaranteed or come with a warranty.
  • What if you have an unfinished concrete floor and you don’t know what to do with it? Concrete epoxy coatings are an option. You can choose a color and even texture for the epoxy paint for your floor. Epoxy concrete floor coating is wear resistant as well as chemical resistant, making it a perfect choice for shop, garage, kitchen, greenhouse and even home gym floors.
  • Your basement floors could probably use some protection as well. If you have ever dealt with moisture problems, concrete waterproofing can be quite helpful in combating mold and mildew issues that result from concrete floors and walls that allow moisture to seep in. A functional basement may also benefit from epoxy concrete coatings too.

From the best method to repair crack in poured concrete foundation to protecting and sealing your concrete flooring, there are a number of options to choose from. Some methods are easy for a do-it-yourselfer; however, if you want a guarantee on the products used as well as the work, hire a concrete professional.


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