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Locker OrganizersWhen in school, your primary source for storage is your locker. The size of your locker is limited, making organization and the amount being stored minimal. Keeping your locker neat can make the difference between getting to class prepared and on time and being late (possibly resulting in detention) or forgetting assignments (resulting in points lost). Locker organizers are designed with students in mind, aiding them in keeping a clean locker that is easy to access.

Different Types of School Locker Organizers

There are many different types of organizers for lockers that have many different purposes. Some are large and are to separate bigger items, while some are very small- used to store easily misplaced items. No matter what your needs, there is a perfect organizer for you and your locker.

  • Hanging Organizers – Most hanging organizers are made out of some sort of fabric material. You can find these with many different pocket sizes, colors, and shapes. You can use these for practically any application (for example: you can use the fabric compartments to store your shoes for gym or to hold your food for lunch). You can hang your organizer on the inside door or on one of the walls of your locker fairly easily with a hook. [convertazonbox1]
  • Magnetic Storage Organizers – Most lockers are metal, meaning you can place on of these organizers anywhere in your locker. They are small, making them perfect for storing smaller items (paper clips, keys, calculators, etc). There are also magnetic pencil holders on the market, make especially for your writing utensils. Having a red pen for grading, a pencil for math, and cute pens for note writing can be hard to maintain and not lose. These cups can help you to keep track, picking the right utensils for each class.
  • Shelving – There are many different sizes of shelving used for organization in school lockers. You can have one very large locker shelf, or multiple smaller stacked units. Stacking books is made easy with these units and every inch of space inside your locker can be utilized.

Where to Buy Locker Organizers

Finding the perfect locker organizer is a relatively inexpensive task that isn’t hard to accomplish. Most office supply stores (such as Best Buy and Office Depot) as well as retail stores (such as Wal Mart) have organizers for lockers. Many of these are adjustable, making shopping a bit easier. Worrying about the proper dimensions and finding the right size can be a tedious job.

Shopping online is another option you may need to resort to when . If it isn’t the beginning of the school year (school shopping season), the stores in your area may not carry the school locker supplies you need to remodel your storage space. You can shop on internet stores to find the proper equipment needed to transform your locker from cluttered to efficient.

Locker organizers are great tools, aiding you in using your locker maximally. Putting many materials in miniscule area can be difficult and aggravating. Ease your pains with an organizer, making your stop at your locker quicker and less stressful.

Organize Your Locker With Locker ShelvesLocker Organizers

Staying organized at school is very important. Most schools only allow a certain amount of time in between classes for you to prep for your next course. Being organized will help you to grab the right materials as well as the right homework (if you forget it, it will likely result in a zero). Having multiple classes makes keeping a clean locker a bit difficult. A locker shelf can help you categorize as well as clean up the mess and clutter in your school locker space.

Steps to a Clean Locker

Before installing locker shelves, you must first prepare your locker for the shelf installation. The below steps should help prepare you for your new locker addition.

  1. Pick a time to clean out your locker of unwanted junk. It will be hard to completely rearrange your locker in between classes. Choosing an appropriate time before or after school will be your best option as well as give you the proper amount of time necessary for a locker make-over.
  2. Clear out the clutter. Only leave the things you will need for success in your classes. You want to get down to the bare necessities so installing your shelves is easier- there will be fewer things to work around. Don’t worry about organizing anything yet- you’ll want to remove everything to clean- you should have a pile for trash, a pile for keeps (but take home), and a pile for things to keep at school.
  3. Give your locker the scrub down! You can use a rag or pre-moistened cloth (like they sell for washing the interior of cars) and wipe out the locker. Having some of those cloths available throughout the school year may prove to be quite helpful. Schools are one of the top hit places during flu season, wipe out germs with wipes! Pat or air-dry the locker before continuing.
  4. Stack all of your school locker supplies and items in the locker until you are able to install your wooden, stackable, or metal organizer shelving.
  5. Once the shelves are installed, organize your books in whichever order you desire. You can do it by class, by size, etc.

Choosing Shelves

There are many places that carry locker shelving. There are a wide variety of colors- you can choose from almost any color (for instance, pink locker shelves are popular with girls). Everyone has their own style, choosing a color is just another way to express it.

The price of locker shelving will vary from store to store. Places such as Wal-Mart, Target, and K-Mart should carry the shelves you need. However, they may be seasonal. If they only carry them at certain times (this will vary depending on location and store), you can look online for them. There are many sites that have the shelves, year round, while also providing a variety of choices and brands.

A locker shelf is a simple and easily installed item that can maximize your locker space, while saving you time (you won’t have to hunt for your books anymore). You can add one or many locker shelves to your locker for added room.

Locker OrganizersDeck Out Your Space With Locker Accessories

Whether going to a new school or heading back for another year, having a new locker is normally part of every approaching school year. Prepping your locker with useful (yet fun) locker accessories is a helpful way to keep your locker clean and tidy while also giving the drab inside of your magnetic Lyon locker some pizzazz!

We accessorize everything from our bodies to our place of residence, why not our locker at school? School locker accessories will transform your locker into a cool place to stash your heavy books in between courses. Adding some personality can help brighten up your long school day,

Student Locker Accessories

There are tons of different locker accessories that you can make or purchase for your space. Whether functional, decorative, or both- you can find a way to maximize your locker space, as well as stay cool.

  • Baskets – Adding some storage baskets to your locker can give you the added space you need to categorize your locker. You will be able to see everything better as well as quickly grab the things you need for class. By saving time at your locker, you can spend more time talking to your friends on the way to your next class. Wire locker baskets can store lots of different items and come in different colors.
  • Locker Organizers – Having many classes can result in many books (as well as notebooks, binders, etc). Lockers are not a very large space to begin with- imagine how tiny the area will seem once you add your 4-7 books from class. Locker organizers help even the messiest locker become manageable and easy to navigate. Locker organizers generally come in many sizes, and some are even adjustable (to fit any space). You can add one (or more) to your locker very easily because most come with hooks or easy to install rods.
  • Magnetic Mirrors – Having a place to quickly take a peek at yourself can save you some time (you won’t have to go to the bathroom to check your hair or makeup). Shatterproof mirrors are suggested, just in case it gets knocked off when you open or close your locker.
  • Small Magnetic Storage Boxes – Once you find a place for your books, where do all of your small items go? Having small magnetic storage boxes can provide a home for snacks, pencils, etc. Being able to find these items will be helpful during your long days at school, you won’t have to go on a treasure hunt just to grab a pen.
  • Dry Erase Boards – A dry erase board is one of the most useful student locker accessories you can purchase. The magnetic ones provide a place to hang pictures of friends or family, as well as a place to jot down important dates for homework.
  • Magnetic Pencil Holders – A writing utensil is a must in school. You have to take notes, tests, quizzes, etc. Being able to easily find a pencil before the bell rings is vital and made possible by magnetic pencil holders.

Locker accessories are lifesavers that help you to utilize every inch of your locker.


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