Lasting Commercial and Industrial Storage Solutions With Lyon Lockers

lyon lockersSince 1901, Lyon lockers have graced the halls of hospitals, schools and industrial institutions; providing long lasting and durable storage solutions. Keeping up with advancements in workspace technology has allowed Lyon lockers to become a leader in the storage industry.

Looking More Closely At Lyon Lockers

Information for Choosing the Appropriate Locker for Your Needs

Lyon lockers parts are constructed of high quality steel manufactured to meet your durability needs and standards. Anywhere personal storage is need; there is a Lyon locker to meet the need. Before choosing a locker; you should determine the amount of use the locker will receive repetitively, the environment the locker will be used in (hospital, school, or industry setting) and what items (think size and shape) will need to be stored. This information should give you an idea of the heaviness and size locker you will need. It can also let you know if you need ventilation or other special features in the Lyon locker you choose.

Lyon Lockers Categories

Lyon lockers generally fall into one of three categories. Your specific use will dictate which category of lockers to look in. The three main categories are:

  • 1. Standard Duty Steel LockerMade with durable steel and available in a variety of sizes and colors; the standard locker is great for a school locker, hospitals and light industry. An antimicrobial finish additional feature makes them an ideal choice for schools and hospitals or institutions to reduce germ transmission. A standard duty locker is available that allows viewing of the interior contents from any angle. When the contents of a locker are of concern (security purposes); this locker works well.
  • 2. Heavy Duty LockersMade with heavier steel construction for more aggressive school environments and heavier industrial settings; this locker provides models with or without ventilation. The need for ventilation will depend on the amount (and extent) of soiled items placed in the locker.
  • 3. IFAW or integrated frame weld lockersThese are the heaviest and most durable of the lockers that Lyon produces. Made to withstand excessive abuse and vandalism; the IFAW locker is definitely designed for an environment that is prone to a lot of wear and tear. The entire locker is welded (no rivets or screws) to make the most secure locker available. If preventing access (such as theft) is your primary reason for installing lockers, then this locker will probably suit your needs.

Once you have determined which category of lockers will satisfy your purpose for the locker; you can decide upon any features you want to add to the locker. Lyon lockers have several great features such as paint color and a digital lock. Not all models of locker will have all features available for purchase. Lyon offers price quotes on large orders of lockers or workspace and locker organizers together. Lyon also produces all types of shelving and organizational tools that can be integrated with their lockers. The Lyon website offers a full list of products and features available. You can visit them to shop for all your locker and workspace equipment needs.

Penco Lockers Top Quality Manufacturerslyon lockers

Lewis Sagendorph had a vision back in 1869, to produce the finest American made metal products he possibly could. He located a factory in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and began making steel culvert for street drainage pipes. His business was a success and in 1950 the company’s name was shortened to Penco. Lockers, shelving and aircraft landing pads were added the manufacturing line up. The company also expanded to have several locations (both manufacturing and distribution) in both the US and Canada. Today, Penco lockers are meeting the storage needs of consumers and Penco has separated itself as the leading American producer of storage and material handling products.

  • Penco steel lockers come with a guaranteed exchange program. Once a business or institution purchases Penco lockers, they can be exchanged for brand new ones at regular predetermined intervals. Your business’s reputation and your Penco steel lockers are always fresh and appealing.
  • Penco products are available with a variety of features, and sizes. Both metal and plastic storage units are available depending on your storage needs. From very small units to full wardrobe size lockers; Penco manufactures them all. Design experts are available to create custom storage solutions for your business or institution.

Patriot Line Penco Lockers

Penco ventilated storage lockers have been created into what is called the patriot line of products. The patriot line of storage lockers were designed for our service personnel such as emergency rescue, military, fire and police service providers. Each model of locker is designed with the unique needs of that particular profession. Additional locker organizers, shelves, and locker within locker products are available, so that each individual can create the space they desire. When critical gear is called for response timing can be everything. The required items need to be within easy reach for these service men and women. It is their demanding needs Penco strives to meet with the patriot line of lockers.

  • The Penco Corporation strives to be environmentally friendly and responsible by using as much recycled metals in manufacturing and using eco-conscious paint processes.
  • Material handling is another area that Penco offers an extensive line of shelving and coordinating snap together storage and shipping units. Warehouses depend on these products to keep products organized, easy to locate and get to for delivery.
  • Penco manufactures soap dispensers and industrial bathroom deodorizers in their hygiene line. Floor mats are also available.

To round out the diversity of products made by Penco, shop furniture is manufactured by them. This is not your every day office type furniture; but durable steel and wood construction. Desks, work tables and seating (stools and chairs) are built to stand up to even the most rigorous manufacturing institutions.

Penco manufactures its lockers, material handling equipment, furniture, hygiene and all other products to deliver durability at an economical price. Backed by a warranty, exchange program and repeat customer satisfaction, Penco lockers are utilized by schools, hospitals, businesses, municipalities and military institutions to name a few. Further product details and information can be found by visiting their website online. Contact information is available there as well.


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