How To Buy WB McGuire Dock Levelers

McGuire Dock LevelersIf you are interested in purchasing a new dock leveler for your business, then you should first take a look at McGuire dock levelers. This company offers an extensive line of docking equipment, incorporating the best materials, manufacturing quality and engineering into each of their products. Their company is a division of Systems, Inc. with a home office in Germantown, WI. Together with their parent company they feature a nationwide network of over 400 distributors. If you are looking for safe and efficient equipment, then you could do no better than to turn to McGuire dock levelers.

Types Of McGuire Dock Levelers

When it comes to McGuire dock levelers, there are three primary types:

  • hydraulic levelers
  • air powered levelers
  • mechanical levelers

H Series

First we will take a look at the hydraulic models beginning with the H Series. This product line is designed especially for highly demanding applications and can be controlled with just the push of a button. For those of you who are interested, you can also buy WB McGuire dock levelers which are better suited towards medium to light work. However, they feature the same push button control and consistent operation as does the H Series.

MA Air Powered Levelers

Next there are the MA Air Powered Levelers which were designed especially for simple push button pneumatic operation. They are highly dependable machines and are a very practical alternative to the more expensive hydraulic models on the market. They also feature built in safety features which make them one of the safest options to choose form. Built with high quality parts such as automatic lip extensions, full width mounted hinge, and single phase motor, they are a common and dependable choice.

The Mechanical MP Series Levelers

Finally there are the mechanical MP Series levelers which are designed to allow finger tip release pull chain activation with operation that is both smooth and reliable. A smooth walk is assured due to cam and roller counterbalance. Not only do these machines offer years of trouble free service, but they are very affordable as well. To makes things even better, they are very low on maintenance thanks to their sub frame design. These are most commonly found mounted in a preformed pit at the dock in order to keep the grade between the dock floor and the trailer bed to a minimum.

  • Keep in mind that once installed, McGuire dock levelers are typically a permanent fixture that is not removed, unlike dock seals which are only used temporarily.
  • In order to make sure that you purchase the right piece of equipment of your needs, you must do plenty of research and take a good look at all the different makes and models you have to choose from.
  •  Besides simply searching online, you should also visit a few dealerships in your area if possible in order to see what the machines look like in person.

Air Operated Dock Levelers for Dock Leveling OperationsMcGuire Dock Levelers

Air operated dock levelers are one of the most recent innovations in dock leveling operations, and as such offer what is perhaps the most efficient and productive operation in the industry. In general, they offer the same benefits that a dual mini bridge hydraulic dock leveler does, but their special design allows them to work to their full potential. Stump out problems, which are common with this type of device, are completely prevented because no legs or rollers are necessary with this type of machine. The following will fill you in on some other special features and benefits offered with these air operated dock levelers.

Features And Benefits Of Air Operated Dock Levelers

Air operated dock levelers have been the preferred machine for a wide margin of individuals in the dock profession for several reasons.

  • For one thing, they provide excellent protection from drop offs.
  • They feature a barrier that can stop a 10,000 pound forklift traveling at 4 miles per hour.
  • They also feature a nice smooth transition for operators, forklifts, and loads traveling in and out of the trailer.
  • Another one of the main reasons why these are such great pieces of machinery are due to their highly advanced, low pressure lifting system.
  • And you can expect them to last an extra long time thanks to their wear resistant air tower.

These devices are incredibly convenient and easy to operate, with most of them featuring simple push button operation. As an added benefit, they are also easy to keep in good condition with regular maintenance. A quick clean out and inspection every now and then is enough to keep them running. This is largely due to the reliable components that make up these machines; for example, the blower motor is featured on the interior of the air tower which provides for extra protection from the elements. Their simple design also contains very few moving parts, so there is less chance of mishaps occurring.

Follow The Necessary Safety Tips

As with any other mechanical device, there are certain safety tips that must be followed. By simply using these leveling devices you are doing a lot to prevent the onset of accidents as they help to compensate for the space and distance that exists between the space and height. In addition, make sure that you have high quality dock doors installed that will be resistant enough against collision. Standard panel doors really do not hold up well so you may need to invest in something stronger. Finally, you should have vehicle straining systems installed to prevent the truck from pulling away too soon.

Hopefully you now understand a bit more about air operated dock levelers and can make a better judgment as to whether or not they would be the right choice for you. There are several companies that are now specializing in this type of equipment, so you have plenty of different options to choose from.


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