Protecting Workers’ Safety and Feet

Red Wing Safety BootsWhen your work or lifestyle depends upon your ability to stay up on your feet; your footwear choice takes priority and careful consideration. Durability, comfort and safety should all be major concerns for the footwear manufacturer that makes your boots. Red Wing safety boots have been protecting the feet of workers for over one hundred years. The earliest pairs of Red Wing safety boots sold for less than two dollars (1905). Manufacturing produced 100 pairs of boots per day in those first few years. World War I made the demand for Red Wing safety boots (No. 16) jump to over 200,000 pairs of boots per day when the military began making Red Wing boots standard issue to soldiers.

Red Wing Safety Boots

You Can Trust Red Wing Safety Boots

Red Wing has been a primary supplier of steel toe safety boots ever since. All industries trust Red Wing to meet or exceed recommended safety standards compliance. Workers such as:

  • Welders
  • Electricians-With insulated soles to help prevent electrocution accidents; Red Wing Safety shoes literally save lives. Customers testify to this.
  • Lumberjacks and Loggers- Shoes are available with extra wide widths to accommodate the largest of feet.
  • Machining and Manufacturing Plants-Shoes are available to meet different safety quality standards. Shoes are made with standards to exceed stringent industry and OSHA requirements.

Ariat Safety BootsRed Wing Safety Boots

While Red Wing has capitalized in the industrial work boot category, Ariat has dominated the western safety boot category.

  • The rough and rugged daily wear that horse terrain requires of a boot, is met by Ariat safety boots. Dedicated to the safety of those engaged in the equestrian and ranch/farm lifestyle; Ariat manufactures a boot with a wider base to stand upon in their boots. This broad base provides a more stable stance to ensure better footing no matter what type of ground you find yourself covering.
  • English, western and work boots are available from Ariat. Hikers who are looking for superior comfort in a long wear boot may find Ariat boots for hiking a good fit.
  • Ariat also sells items such as belts (even tool belts) and other leather accessories for the farm/ranch worker, outdoor enthusiast or anyone who needs rugged gear.

Both of these companies can manufacture safety boots to protect your feet, but you cannot benefit from them unless you wear them. Each year, people suffer serious and debilitating injury from not wearing the appropriate footwear for their work or leisure situation. Some examples of these injuries are amputation of one or more toes and loss of traction leading to injurious falls (even loss of life). You feet are what give you solid footing to base bodily movement on. Your body cannot move at its optimum without proper footing and traction. Investing in a solid pair of work boots for your needs is a small price to avoid injury.

Often if your job requires a safety shoe (such as steel toes) that meets certain standards (as required by OSHA); the employer is required to provide the employee with the proper shoes. Both Red Wing safety boots and Ariat safety shoes are some of industry’s top choices.


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