The Do’s And Don’ts Of Decorating Your Locker

School Locker IdeasHaving a locker is like having a clean slate- ready for your input. It gives you the freedom to express yourself to everyone that walks past. There are multiple ways for you to express yourself through your locker with school locker ideas. Whatever you are interested in- you can elaborate on, creating a fun place for you to stop and switch books.

School Locker Ideas

Things You Should Remember When Thinking About School Locker Ideas

When contemplating school locker design ideas, you should keep a few things in mind. There are limitations on what you can and cannot post due to school rules. These will vary at every school, so you should become familiar with what is and is not banned. The most commonly banned items are:

  1. Profanity – Cursing at school is frowned upon, and can result in detention or further punishment. Keep your locker profanity free- if a teacher walks past and sees it, it could mean big trouble for you.
  2. Gang Affiliation – Gangs are a large threat in many areas. Do not post anything on your locker walls that may be taken as gang affiliated.
  3. Drugs or Alcohol – Both of these items are banned on school property. Displaying photos of such may result in punishment, as well as tarnishing your reputation.
  4. Nudity – Having nude photos in your locker is not recommended. Pornographic photographs, nudity, or inappropriate photographs should not be posted on your lockers walls.

Painting the inside of your locker, using glue, etc, may not be allowed. Make sure you are aware of what you can and cannot do before you begin.

Planning Your Locker Ideas

When coming up with locker ideas for school and locker accessories, think it over. Map out how you would like your end product to look. You can be as creative as you wish, don’t feel limited. The decorations are not permanent, you can change them as often as you’d like. For instance, some students change the theme of their locker with the seasons. Remember that a good locker organizer will help you to achieve a locker that looks great but is also functional.


Most Lyon high school lockers are magnetic (meaning you can add some magnets for decoration). You can add a plethora of magnetic accessories that aid you in staying organized as well as add some style. Here are just a few magnetic ideas:

  • Mirrors – Having a shatterproof mirror in your locker gives you a place to quickly spruce yourself up before your next class.
  • Pencil Holders – Lose your pencils in your messy locker? A magnetic pencil holder can keep you organized, providing a home for all of those scattered writing utensils.
  • Magnets – Hang up some pictures with some really cool magnets. You can get a magnet of practically anything you can think of.
  • Magnetic pads of paper – Leave yourself a note with a sticky note pad that easily clings to your locker.
  • Air Fresheners – Does your locker smell like old cheese? Give it a fresh scent with a car air freshener.


Not all accessories have to be magnetic to be fun. You can add a dry erase board, fun trim around the edges of your locker, an interesting locker shelf or just a fun background.

There are many school locker ideas to choose from, make sure you choose some that scream you!

Decorate Your Space With School Locker Supplies

Having a locker to hold your extra books is a part of many schools. Kids spend a lot of time at their lockers in between classes. Decorating your locker and making it your own unique style is a fun and creative way to accessorize your space! There are many things you can do to your locker with the right school locker supplies that not only help you stay organized, but make your locker fun!

School Locker Supplies:

The below items are easy and fun school locker ideas to decorate your locker. They will be affordable and recyclable!

  • Decorate the walls of your locker with wrapping paper. By taping some wrapping paper up on the walls, you can decorate however you feel, as often as you’d like! You can change it School Locker Ideasfor every season and holiday or leave it up as long as you want. This is an inexpensive way to give your locker a theme that stands out and expresses who you are!
  • Add some magnets so you can post your grades from your teacher, your favorite pictures, or a magnetic mirror! Most lockers are made out of metal, so magnets should stick. There are some very decorative magnets on the market; all you have to do is find some! Having a mirror in your locker will make mid day touch ups easier and save you time, you won’t have to find a bathroom.
  • Post some pictures up on the wall. You can do this by using the fun magnets you found or by making a picture collage and pinning it up with tape. You can flip through some magazines to find some funny sayings to your photo collage.
  • Small bins or extra shelving is great locker supplies for school that can help you save time while also keep you organized. Being able to find the proper supplies needed for class is necessary for you to pass. By grabbing these items quickly, you can get what you need and get to class before the bell rings! Having divider shelves can help you separate each class, keeping you from picking up the wrong book or homework.
  • A dry erase board is a great way to remind you of homework or tests. By placing a white board in your locker, you can doodle, friends can leave you notes, and you can leave yourself reminders to make sure you get stuff done.
  • Place a box near the vents of your locker for friends to leave a message. Writing notes is a fun way to keep in touch during school hours and a fun way to drop a few lines.
  • Get your locker a nice smell. By adding an air freshener, you can keep your locker smelling great all day.

Purchasing a school locker supply to decorate your very own space is a creative and fun way to make your locker your own. You can express yourself in multiple ways with multiple school locker supplies. This craft can be inexpensive and easily done.

Getting Used To Your School Locker

Lockers are generally assigned for the first time in middle school. Most elementary schools have small cubbies or areas to hang garments. But, middle school is when you’re assigned your own space with your very own lock to keep your stuff safe. A school locker can be tough to figure out when you first begin using them. Keeping it clean and making it your own can be a challenge.

5 Steps to Get Used to Your Locker

No one breaks down how to use and get used to your locker. Here are 5 easy steps to help you adjust:

  • Step 1
    Most schools assign locker numbers. Once you have gone through orientation and received your locker assignment, go find where it is located. You’ll want to be familiar with where it is so you can quickly use it and head off to class. When you get your locker assignment you will also receive your locker combination.
  • Step 2
    Write down your locker combination in multiple places so you won’t ever lose it! Memorizing the combo will take a while, be sure that you have it in handy places until you have it engrained in your memory. If you completely lose it, don’t freak out! The office will have your combination on file.
  • Step 3
    Test out the combination before the semester begins. Normally, students are able to check out their schools as well as their locker assignments. During this time, you should try out the combination just to make sure it is the correct number sequence. Sometimes, the locker combos will get mixed up. School lockers in high school are normally used. They change out the locks every year- so mixing up the combination isn’t unheard of.
  • Step 4
    Once you have found the locker, find ways to become familiar with the area. You want to efficiently locate the locker and use it quickly. This can help ease some of the stress of getting to and from class fast enough between bells.
  • Step 5
    Practice! Repeating locking and unlocking your locker will help you memorize the combination. You will also become familiar with the lock- helping you unlock it quickly.

Ways to Decorate a School Locker

Once you have become familiar with your school locker, it’s time to decorate! Having a locker gives you an outlet to express yourself. You can do this is many ways that are simple yet fun and creative. You can add magnets, pictures, collages, stickers, etc. There are a lot of locker crafts for teenagers available.

Stay Organized

Lockers are not very large, so keeping organized can be tricky. You can add shelves to your locker or some locker organizers, giving you more space to stack books. Being able to see everything in your locker can help you easily locate all of the materials necessary to succeed in each different course. [convertazonbox2]

Magnetic pencil holders and baskets are also great aids to easily locate items. You can place snacks or your cell phone in the little baskets for easy access.

A school locker is an efficient place to store things during your long school day. Although they are small, they are large enough to store the necessities of the school day.

School Locker IdeasBe Unique With Locker Crafts For Teenagers

Lockers come plain and boring. They are a great canvas for your teen to break out their artistic and crafty side on. There are many different locker crafts for teenagers that are not only fun and economical, but they also give you the opportunity to create something together. Help your teen create a cool first expression as other kids walk by.

School Locker Crafts

Teenage boys and teenage girls are extremely different from one another. Locker crafts for teenagers that seem fun and exciting for girls will seem lame for boys. Each gender has their own taste, so finding school locker crafts that suit both is important.

Crafts for Girls

Decorating a locker sounds much more fun to girls than boys. There are loads of easy cute at home school locker ideas that provide tons of possibilities!

  • Give the locker a background theme – You can easily create a decorative background to replace the boring gray of the standard locker. Wall paper, wrapping paper, or fabric can be easily cut to fit and taped up. There are lots of different designs and colors to choose from, so finding the special pattern for your teen is achievable. You can also add a piece of cork board to the walls of the locker, and then cover it with the fabric, wall paper, or wrapping paper of choice. This gives the locker a new feel as well as provides an area to pin up important information or pictures.
  • Make a photo collage – Magazine clippings, pictures, some paper, and some pictures are all that you will need to create a fun and personal addition to a locker. Having photos of friends and family are a nice personal touch and is fun to make.
  • “Bedazzle” a mirror – Purchase a plain jane mirror and some glitter or sequins and go to town! You can create your own glamour station that is absolutely unique.

 Crafts for Boys

Locker stuff for school may sound like a snore to the typical teenage boy. But, once you find locker accessories he is interested in, it may become something they can get used to. For instance, if he loves skateboarding- make that the theme of his locker. Grab a skateboarding magazine, clip out some shots of the pros in action, and create a large collage.

A dry erase board is another great craft idea. There are many of these boards on the market that are small, while also being magnetic. The two of you can pick out some pictures (of family or whatever theme he is into) and pin them on the cork. The whiteboard can be used for important dates, reminders, or phone numbers.

Easy Additions

There are many small things you can add to a locker that add some excitement while also proving to be quite useful. If your teen has trouble staying organized, purchase a magnetic pencil holder or a shelf to separate books.

Locker crafts for teenagers can be easy and entertaining. You and your teen can create something together while adding personality to their school space.



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