What You Should Know About Sealmaster Ball Bearings

Sealmaster bearings combine unique engineering features to benefit users in a wide variety of applications. They out-perform other brands with their longer life and exclusive features. This ensures increased productivity, which saves time and money. Sealmaster’s Gold Line bearings have custom design features and options, such as:

  • corrosion-resistant coating
  • different types of bearing seals
  • a variety of shaft-locking devices
  • and special housing configurations to ensure a perfect fit

Sealmaster bearingsSealmaster Bearings

Sealmaster Bearings Ensure Real Quality

The Gold Line mounted ball bearings come in Standard Duty and Medium Duty. These types of bearings are used in tough industrial applications. In addition to offering the setscrew locking type, they offer the patented SKWEZLOC, which acts as a collar to center and secure the shaft in the bearing bore. These are available in pillow blocks, flange blocks, cartridge or take-up units. If the bearings will be used in a harsher environment, such as a water treatment plant, there are also corrosion-resistant ball bearings, which are housed in composite material or stainless steel. They feature a setscrew locking type and are available in four bore sizes: Pillow Blocks, 2 or 4 bolt Flange, Tapped Base and Flange Bracket.

The RPB Series of Sealmaster And Thrust Loads.

They are commonly used in chemical and food processing plants, marine and naval applications, sawmills, and waste water treatment facilities. The housing base will remain aligned with the shaft once the bearing has been installed. This greatly reduces downtime and replacement costs. When the bearing inserts needs to be replaced, the process is fast and simple.

The world-renowned Sealmaster Gold Line offers many sealing options for use in high-temperature environments such as:

are designed to perform in the toughest conditions and handle radial Sealmaster bearings

  • industrial furnaces
  • incinerators
  • bakery ovens
  • fans and blowers

The most commonly used high-temperature seals are:

  • The Nomex Seal
  • HeatGard Seal
  • And HeatGard Ultra Seal

Among the many uses of Gold Line bearings are in air handling equipment, such as ventilation, heating, and cooling. Because air handling equipment must be used at high speeds, it requires that the bearings operate quietly to minimize noise and vibration. In the construction industry, Sealmaster ball bearings are utilized mainly in asphalt pavers and large material handlers. For over 50 years, Sealmaster has engineered and supplied paver bearings for some of the largest construction companies. Designed to handle the harsh environment of the paving industry, Sealmaster bearings are used in concrete saws, cranes, excavators, backhoes, and street sweepers and as part of a machine flange. There are also Sealmaster pillow block bearings.

Sealmaster bearingsBearings are frequently used in wet environments where water and chemical resistance is crucial. The Sealmaster Bearings‘ standard contact seal resists water and other liquids in conditions up to 250° F. They are useful in food processing plants, paper mills, waste water treatment plants and marine applications. Along with being water resistant, these bearings can withstand the transportation of heavy loads in highway construction. They are exposed to a large amount of dust and dirt with machinery such as augers and conveyor pulleys.

Sealmaster bearings are designed to stand the test of time with proven performance and a high standard of excellence. You can find them in hardware stores, on Internet sites and in various hardware catalog editions.


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