Review Of Tennant, Advance And Clarke Floor Scrubber Manufacturers

Tennant 5700xp Floor Scrubber PartsFloor scrubbers are industrial pieces of equipment used in the environmental services department of many institutions such as hospitals, schools and other large commercial buildings. Due to heavy volumes of foot traffic; keeping vast areas of hard surface flooring clean can be a nightmare. The amount of manpower that was consumed prior to the invention of the electrical powered floor was enormous. Several companies manufacture good quality professional floor polishers. Here we will review three of these companies in no particular order:

  • Tennant 5700xp Floor Scrubber Parts
  • Advance Floor Scrubbers & Parts
  • Clarke Floor Scrubbers & Replacement Parts

Tennant 5700xp Floor Scrubber Parts

Tennant 5700xp Floor Scrubber Parts Provides Some Of The Most Advanced Cleaning Technology In The Floor Care Business.

Tennant 5700xp Floor Scrubber Parts provides two patented features unique to their machines.

  1. Chemical-free technology that cleans with only water. No harsh chemicals or the effects associated with them. Eco-friendly and perfect for hospitals and schools, the Tennant 5700xp floor scrubber has parts that interchange to become a foaming system for cleaning and disinfecting.
  2. The “FaST” system uses 2/3 less water and ninety percent les detergent than conventional machines. This allows the floor to be cleaned and dried in a third less time, increasing productivity.

Advance Floor Scrubbers & Parts

Advance manufactures some of the premier rider floor scrubbers. The large bulky machines are designed for the operator to ride in or on them depending on the size of the scrubber. Some scrubbers are as large as a car. The advance floor scrubber and parts are expensive. Some models are priced in the $20,000 to $40,000 dollar range. This makes a nice used and service repair market for these machines. Good news for the consumer, a large used market gives ample opportunity for purchasing a machine on a budget. Getting a machine serviced after you purchase it is important too. With such a large investment, you will want to keep the machine well maintained and lasting for years.

Clarke Floor Scrubber & Replacement Parts

Clarke manufactures all types of floor machines, but originally began specializing in wood floor sanders. Soon the company branched out into scrubbing and cleaning of all types of commercial and business floors. Large universities have long used Clarke floor scrubbers & parts to service the heavy floor care and maintenance needs. When looking for wood floor scrubbers, they have years of experience, research and technology included. Their machines typically are walk behind floor scrubbers. Over the years they have branched out and kept up with building material technology by making floor scrubbers to clean all types of flooring.

Whatever your floor care needs, one of these companies should make a model of floor scrubber to the job done. For innovative no chemical cleaning technology; the Tennant 5700xp floor scrubber& parts attachments could work for you. An Advance floor scrubber & parts or a Clarke floor scrubber may meet your needs also; it all depends on determining what your overall requirements are (include your budget here too) and finding a machine that meets them at the best possible price.

Types Of Industrial Floor Cleaners

There are several different types of industrial floor cleaners out there today, there are so many options you can choose from, like walk behinds and riders, scrubbers and sweepers. There’s really a floor cleaner out there for any job you may need done. A lot of retail stores have people that come in after hours and use these machines to clean the floors every night. These machines are not only used for large store use, they can also be used for in home purposes.

Different Uses for Types of Floor Cleaning MachinesTennant 5700xp Floor Scrubber Parts

Walk behind sweepers

Walk behind sweepers are generally used for smaller area cleaning, like small businesses or in home use. They have a self propelled motor on them for easy movement, and as the name indicates, you just walk behind these machines and steer them while they sweep stuff up. If you have a very large area to sweep these machines would not be recommended, you may want to look into to a riding floor sweeper.

Rider scrubbers

Rider scrubbers are a lot different from the standard walk behind especially in size. These machines are generally used in large areas such as retail stores, and grocery stores. Large businesses prefer to use these machines when scrubbing the floors, since the operator can ride on top of the machine instead of walking behind it. The operator will also get more floor area cleaned with a rider, as opposed to a walk behind machine. Floor scrubbers come in many shapes and sizes so consider your needs before making a purchase.

Floor coaters

Floor coaters (buffer) come in either a walk behind or rider; these machines are used for buffing floors with chemicals, or finishes. Ever wonder how the stores keep their floor so shiny and clean. Due to these machines they are able to maintain a very clean and shiny waxed floor.

Multi floor cleaners

Some industrial floor cleaners have multiple parts on them for different purposes. Some have the floor sweeper and the floor scrubber built in to one machine. These machines generally only come in riders since they are so big and have two machines built into them. So if you have more than one task that you need to do, you may want to look into renting a multipurpose floor cleaner.

You can find these machines at almost any equipment store around. If you are having trouble finding these machines you can always rent industrial floor cleaners online. Home industrial floor cleaners are a great way to give your floor that little extra shine. If you have just put in new tile or hardwood flooring, one of these machines can help get all the scuffs off the floor and shine it up for you. These machines are not very expensive if you intend to rent one, so you don’t have to worry about spending a fortune on getting your floors done. And if you don’t want to do it yourself, you can always hire a group of people that will come in with these machines and do all the work for you.



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