Tree Climbing Techniques Using Spikes

Tree Climbing SpikesIf you are interested in climbing trees, such as for sport or work, then you will need a good set of tree climbing spikes. Typically made out of metal, they can easily make their way through the toughest bark which will provide you with a firm place to set your footing. Like any other tools, it can take some practice to be able to use them comfortably, but it won’t be long before you are using them like a pro. Without these tree climbing spikes, it can be very dangerous to climb trees because you will not have anything to provide you with support. The following tutorial will fill you in on a few important tree climbing techniques using spikes.

Techniques For Tree Climbing Spikes

In order to use tree climbing spikes correctly, you will first need to assemble the necessary gear to go along with them.

  • For one thing, you will need a high quality pair of high top boots that feature a solid heel.
  • Next, you will need plenty of climbing rope which you must attach to yourself before attaching the spikes.
  • Finally, you can attach your spikes, just make sure that you put them on at the bottom of the tree as walking around with them on can be dangerous.

Once your gear is ready you should inspect the tree you wish to climb carefully for potential hazards.

Climbing The Tree With Tree Climbing SpikesTree Climbing Spikes

Before climbing the tree, wrap your safety rope and/or harness around the tree.

  • You should already have it attached to yourself by this point.
  • Now you are ready to begin slowly inching your way up the trunk of the tree.
  • Until you are well practiced, don’t go too fast. Instead, stand on your climbing tree spikes until you get used to it.
  • While doing this, remember that if you do not insert the spikes far enough into the tree that they will come lose which can be dangerous.
  • While you are getting started, pay attention to how the angle of the spikes feel so you can adjust it accordingly.

After you have gotten used to it, you can start climbing by stepping up and stabbing the climbing tree spikes deeply into the tree. While doing this, you have to be careful not to use the same spot too often or it will soften it up and make it more difficult to climb the same tree in the future. While climbing, you will want to keep your chest slightly off of the trunk of the tree. It will get more difficult to climb the farther up you get because the tree will get thinner.

If you do not have a pair of tree climbing spikes, they may be purchased from equipment stores, and you can also try out a pair of rentals first before you get used to it. Hopefully this article has provided you with some useful tips for using these tools.


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