The Many Applications Of Used School Lockers

Used LockersMany of us are familiar with lockers. Whether we’ve used them in school, at the gym, or in the break room at work- at some point or another, we have been introduced to the uses of lockers. Used lockers may be more useful than we give them credit for. Used lockers can be used in a number of settings in your home or garage, giving you more space and secured areas for valuables.

Using Used Lockers

Secure Your Goods With Used Lockers

It’s hard to find a good spot to stash things of importance, safely, in your home. Having a huge bulky safe isn’t very attractive. So, what options do you have? Old lockers can be refinished and decorated to match your décor. You can easily lock up your valuables in one or many lockers.

Store More, Everywhere!

Lockers are not limited to valuables. You can store practically anything in a locker, with or without a lock. Penco lockers can be used easily and practically for the storage of coats etc. There are many different sizes of lockers, meaning you can paint them and put them just about anywhere, using them in multiple different settings, like ,locker organizers, for many different things. You can place a locker (or a set of lockers) in any room. You can put them in your office to lock away employee information or to store extra printer paper.

You Can Decorate Your Lockers

No matter what your home décor, you can paint your used metal lockers accordingly. There are many ways to decorate the lockers as well. Adding stickers, multiple bright paint colors, deco paging some pictures, or stencils are all great ways to spruce up the drab lockers to fabulous!

Buying Used School Lockers

There are many instances when a school will decide to remodel, ordering new lockers. When this occurs, the public is sometimes able to purchase some of the used school lockers. Purchasing lockers may not be a cheap endeavor, but the usefulness is bountiful.

Steps of Purchasing LockersUsed Lockers

  • What will you need the lockers for? Getting a rough number of how many lockers you wish to purchase, as well as their uses will be quite important when it comes time to buy. There are multiple types of lockers you can buy, so being away of what lockers you will need is helpful when shopping.
  • Measure the spaces in which you wish to fill with lockers. Some locker sets are attached to one another; you don’t want to purchase a set that is far too large for your designated area.
  • Look around. Buying lockers used from schools is a cheaper solution, but you must first contact local schools to see if they would be willing to sell you some older units. If they had planned on remodeling and removing the old lockers, you can take them off their hands! Schools sometimes pay for lockers to be removed, so you would be doing them a huge favor (for free).
  • If you cannot find a school willing to sell, search online. There are multiple websites that have used items for cheap or discounted prices.

Used lockers can add extra storage space to your home, while also giving you the opportunity to be crafty when decorating them.


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