Tips for Buying Log Skidders

Used Log Skidders For SaleAre you interested in finding used log skidders for sale? If so, then you have more options today than ever before. Not only is there a wider range of machines to choose from, but with the advent of the Internet it is now easier than ever to find a good deal. These machines are most often found in the logging industry where they are used to pull trees which have been chopped down to an open location where they can be loaded onto trucks. The following will provide you with some essential tips that you can use to find the best used log skidders for sale.

Get A Bargain With Used Log Skidders For Sale

One of the main reasons why someone would be interested in purchasing used log skidders for sale is the price. When purchased brand new, these 540a john deere skidder can be too expensive for smaller operations to ever be able to afford. And with the way the economy is today you have a very poor chance of ever getting a loan. Therefore, it is in your best interested to purchase them from a previous owner. In many ways this is a much better deal than purchasing this type of equipment new, because just as with new automobiles, they are worth much less as soon as you drive them off the lot.

Look At Different Websites For Used Log Skidders For Sale

There are several excellent web sites that allow you to hook up with owners of log skidders so you can purchase from them directly, such as Equipment Locator. Or, if you would rather purchase previously used equipment from a dealership, you should visit Forestry Equipment Sales. These sites offer just about every type of logging skidders on the market; including mini skidders, pull through log skidders, and chain flail models. And because you are not limited to what one dealership happens to have in stock at the time, you have a much better chance of finding the best piece of equipment for your operation.

There are many different companies that offer logging skidders, such as:

So one thing you will have to do is decide on which manufacturer you would like to purchase from. When it comes to decisions such as this, your best bet is to buy from experience. If there is a brand that has served you well in the past, then it is probably in your best interest to stick with it. If you have yet to own a piece of equipment such as this before, then you should read reviews posted by other consumers online in order to determine which brand you should go with.

As you can see, you have plenty of options when it comes to buying used log skidders for sale. If you follow these simple tips you will have a much better chance of buying the perfect model for you.

Used John Deere 540a Skidder

The 540a John Deere skidder is the perfect piece of heavy machinery for use in the logging industry. It is designed especially for pulling logs that have been cut down out of the forest which is a process that is known as ‘skidding’ in the industry. The logs can then be moved away from the location where they were cut down and onto a landing where they can then be moved onto trucks that can take them to the mill. In days past, the 540a John Deere skidder was actually used to take the cut down trees directly to the mill, but nowadays it is more economical to simply load them onto trucks.

The 540A John Deere SkidderUsed Log Skidders For Sale

  • The 540a John Deere skidder, like most other skidders on the market these days, use a cable or winch to pull the trees. These devices have come a long way over the decades, and are now better than they have ever been in the past.
  • They are either tracked vehicles, or have 4 wheel drives which help them to move over tough terrain. A steel enclosure is included so that the operator of the machine is protected from any falling trees or other debris that could be a threat. It can be used for a wide range of tasks from pulling out tree stumps to pushing over small trees.
  • One of the biggest advantages to using a skidder like this is that as the machine is pulling a log through the woods, portions of the log, as well as its seeds, will be sown throughout the ground which helps to cultivate the soil.
  • However, these machines are not without their disadvantages. For one thing, they can cause damage to other trees by dragging branches and tree trunks against them, which can pull off their protective bark.
  • They can also cause damage to the topsoil, especially when they have tire chains installed. This can change the runoff patterns on the surface and increase the costs of reforestation.

As you can imagine, pieces of equipment such as this can be quite expensive, so if you are interested in purchasing one it may be in your best interest to purchase a used John Deere 540a skidders. In the past you would have little option to do this, but thanks to the Internet it is easy to search all over the country for someone who has the perfect used log skidders for sale for you. The same goes for parts needed to repair these machines. Even if you are looking for a transmission for John Deere skidder, you will be able to find it online.

Hopefully you now have a better understanding of just what a 540a John Deere skidder can do and whether or not it is the type of equipment that you are looking for.

An Overview Of The Skidder Delimber

  • The skidder mounted delimber is a piece of heavy equipment that is designed especially for the task of removing branches from trees that have been chopped down.
  • In most cases they are mounted onto hydraulic excavators and they are typically found in use in the forestry industry.
  • There have been several different variations developed since this type of machine was first invented, and a few of the more common ones include the chain flail, slide boom, stroke, and pull through delimbers.
  • The following will provide you with everything you need to know about the skidder mounted delimber.

Used Log Skidders For SaleInformation On The Skidder Mounted Delimber

Before the skidder mounted delimber as we know it today was invented, trees had to have their limbs removed by hand, typically with the assistance of a hand saw. As you can probably tell, industry standards called for a more efficient method of removing these limbs, so a mechanized process was eventually developed. The first skidder delimber was introduced in 1953 in Finland. However, this machine was very short lived as it was not very efficient and could only remove the limbs up to a certain length. It was not until chain flail delimbing machines were introduced that this type of machine was widely used.

  • The chain flail tree delimber was the first variation of this type of machine that really took off. It operated by taking a set of chains which were attached to a rotating drum which would knock the limbs off of trees. Over the next few years most machines of this type were manufactured after this method.
  • However, as the various other processes in the forestry supplies field became more mechanized, there was once again a need for an improvement in this type of machine. This new type of tree delimber was developed in 1972 by Gordon Franklin for the Manitoba Forestry Resources, Ltd.
  • Franklin’s new skidder delimber had a flail mounted onto the front of the machine which could drive over top of several felled trees at once and remove all of their limbs at the same time. In the years that would follow, several other types were developed such as the slide boom which was widely in use by the time the 1980s came around. These machines could remove the limbs from two to four trees within a single minute which made them perhaps the most efficient delimbing machine ever developed by that point.

These days there are several different companies that you can turn to when you need a skidder mounted delimber, such as Cat, Propac, Komatsu, Danzco, 540a john deere skidder and CTR. They offer a wide range of options, but perhaps the most simple and cost effective model currently available is the pull through model. This machine is set up on a landing, with a set of knives mounted onto a frame. It is offered by most companies.


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