What To Look Out For On Used Nurit Credit Card Terminals

Used Nurit credit card terminalsUsed Nurit credit card terminals can save business owners more money. When it comes to running a business, especially a small one, every expense counts. When faced with choosing a credit card terminal you will of course want the best system you can find, for reliable transaction processing, reports and billing. But that could end up costing you much more than the annual contract or processing fees. Some basic credit card processing terminals retail for between $500 and $700. This is when a business owner should make a smart decision and look into purchasing a used Nurit VeriFone credit card terminal. Two of the most popular of these used Nurit terminals are the 8320 portable credit card terminal and the 8020 wireless credit card terminal. Used Nurit credit card terminals range from around $200 to around $400, giving business owners a significant savings over new equipment.

Looking At Used Nurit Credit Card Terminals

Nurit 8320

The Nurit 8320 is a great choice for small or medium businesses. Secure, reliable and easy to handle, with a multi application environment is compatible with credit and debit cards, loyalty, gift and proprietary cards. The 8320 is even compatible with value added applications like prepaid services. There are many great features on the Nurit 8320 including:

  • Small footprint to help your business save counter space.
  • Easy to install paper with automatic paper feed.
  • Training and demo mode.
  • User friendly menu system.
  • Backlit LCD display with large type.
  • 60 day memory for batch reports.
  • Share one machine for up to 9 merchant accounts.

Nurit 8020 Wireless

The Nurit 8020 wireless credit card processing terminal is a secure handheld credit card processing terminal that is PCI PED approved for security and reliability. It is lightweight, fast, secure and convenient for merchants that can benefit from processing transactions while on the go. Much like cellphone credit card terminals, these terminals offer excellent features and great mobility. The sophisticated Nurit 8020 features a large white back lit touch screen, with electronic signature capture and many other options to make it a great value and necessity for business owners. When it comes to on the go businesses like:

  • Deliveries
  • Stadium and Arena Sales
  • Restaurants
  • Contractors
  • Consultants
  • AV Installers
  • Limousine and Taxi Services
  • Mobile Vendors
  • Fairs and Markets
  • Outdoor Entertainment

When your business is not confined to an office space why should your credit card processing ability be? With the low cost and money savings of purchasing used Nurit credit card terminals you can make sure that your business is able to handle business at any time, without ruining your operating costs budget. By choosing a used Nurit credit card processing terminal you will be getting a terminal that has been checked by Nurit technicians and is even warranted for a certain period of time.

Used Nurit Credit Card Terminals Doesn’t Mean Old

Used doesn’t mean abused in the case of Nurit credit card processing terminals. So when the time comes to look into credit card processing terminals remember that new equipment can put a real dent in your budget, and you could get the same quality, with a warranty for much less. Purchasing a used Nurit VeriFone credit card processing terminal is a good way to evaluate how your business will use a card terminal and allow you to be able to afford to a different model if you find that the first one doesn’t do what you need it to do.

VeriFone Zon Credit Card Terminals – Making Business EasyUsed Nurit credit card terminals

When business owners think credit card terminals they usually turn to the well known and reliable VeriFone Zon Credit Card terminals. This is because VeriFone Zon is known throughout the world of business as an innovator in credit card transaction processing. Over the years, there have been many new terminals released by VeriFone, but the Zon line is one that keeps getting better and better. Keeping up with the needs of business owners and consumers is how VeriFone continues to be the best in the field of credit card processing terminals.

VeriFone Zon credit card terminals Have Improved A Lot

Technology keeps improving and VeriFone Zon credit card terminals also improve and continue to make business easy for business owners and workers alike. When someone is making a purchase the idea is to process their credit card as quickly and efficiently as possible, with no double charging or errors. The card swiping terminals produced by VeriFone are ideal for all areas of business that process credit cards for customers. Their latest offering in cell phone credit card terminals is an upgrade module for the iPhone which enables you to do credit card transactions through the phone.

Business owners today have the choice of the VeriFone

  • Zon
  • Zon II
  • Zon 531
  • Zon Jr. XL

Each and every one of these terminals has all the basic features needed for business credit card transaction processing as well as some attractive features that help make each one adaptable to certain business functions. When it comes to saving money and making wise business decisions VeriFone offers great pricing and refurbished terminals for even lower prices. With refurbished VeriFone Zon II XPE credit card terminals all the features and quality of this terminal is available for business owners at a very low price. Refurbished terminals are examined by VeriFone technicians for reliability and come with a warranty.

The VeriFone Zon line can be used for not only processing credit card transactions, but for all these other activities as well:

  • Quick and easy check guarantee
  • Credit authorization-pre transaction for gas pumps
  • Data capture
  • Retail sales with credit, debit and gift cards
  • Tipping options to add in gratuities after the original transaction
  • Convenient and easy batching

The VeriFone Zon credit card terminals are a comprehensive solution to your businesses credit card processing needs. Ease of operation, training program, simple prompts and large characters means that even new employees can be using the terminal within minutes. There are different keypad layouts available for each terminal offered in the VeriFone Zon line to make it a perfect fit for your business.

  • When you have to choose a credit card processing terminal for your business, whether you are in retail, construction or other industries VeriFone has a product that will make your life easier.
  • From the basic and easy to use Zon Jr. XL, to the latest and greatest Zon 531 take a look at all the features available and figure out which terminal fits your business best then contact VeriFone to find out about service contracts, warranties and pricing.
  • Do not forget that Verifone offers extensive support on their products and that one can get replacement parts such as a VeriFone Zon 531 magnetic head.
  • VeriFone is the number one name in business credit card terminals, because of their history of reliable products and service.
  • Business owners the world over choose VeriFone Zon credit card terminals for their businesses whether they are huge corporations or small new businesses.


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