Get Designer Appeal Using Wood Lockers for Your Storage Needs

Wood LockersSay the term “locker” and most people think of the old metal or gym locker they had in school or possibly the gray metal locker they may use at work right now. However, wood lockers are another type of locker that is very different from their steel and metal counterparts. Wood lockers generally fall into either modern or antique categories.

Wood Lockers

Wood foot lockers were a common means to transport a large quantity of personal belongings in days before metal alloys were abundantly available. Wood was used in strips, wetted and then formed over a metal frame. This also made the cargo much less heavy to move. Transporting as many passengers by boat or carriage was priority; and less weight meant more people could board.

Antique Wood Lockers

  • Antique wood foot lockers are in demand as interior design items. The antique versions are usually not meant as a primary means of storage (with the exception of none frequently used items). Interestingly, many lockers were lined with wall paper or old newspapers that remain in many of the ones you find today; a testament to the history of the day.
  • Modern wood lockers are used when design appeal takes precedent over security. There are a multitude of design styles available in wood lockers for the home. The lockers give additional storage space that is not even noticed. The locker simply looks like a piece of furniture.

Other more functional wood lockers are also on the market. When storage needs to be well organized for maximum efficiency, yet still look like it is part of the décor; wood can provide Wood Lockersthat beauty. The overall shape is very similar to the metal lockers; however it is constructed of wood. Situations that are perfect for this use include recreational vehicles and boat cabins. With minimal floor space for dressers with drawers, moving storage in a vertical fashion solves the problem. The versatility of woods available gives many custom design possibilities. The wood is lighter than metal for additional weight benefits.

[box type=”info” style=”rounded” border=”full”]Modern wood foot lockers give a kid’s room design appeal without sacrificing shelf space.[/box]

  • A foot locker used to store toys, clothes, out of season and personal items in can also double as a bench seat or table.
  • Look at lockers for sale that are made from durable hard woods to stand up to children’s wear and tear.
  • Check to make sure the used lockers are free from lead based paints as well.
  • An economical and safe solution is to purchase one that is unfinished and paint or stain it yourself.
  • You can add your child’s favorite cartoon or monogram the chest with your child’s name for a personal touch.

When looking to purchase wood lockers (antique or modern), online is a very good place to start. You can’t really get an idea of the different options you have until you have the opportunity to browse a few pictures. Once you have seen what is out there, you can decide what you want. After you have narrowed your decision; check pricing and availability (online, in stores and in local advertisements) to get the best possible deal.


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